Website Development

A website is an amount of web pages, including the one you’re looking at now. A web page is exactly what you see on the screen whenever you type in a web address, select a link, or place a query in a search engine.
A web page can consist of any type of information, and include text, color, graphics, animation and sound. Whenever someone provides their web address, it usually takes you for their website’s home page, which will introduce you.

Web Portal

Software Solution Inc has effectively performed top quality portals that integrate the most recent technology and a lot involved choices to draw users aimed at your website.
Our knowledge with web portal development and portal servicing also includes all achievable requires. We have now developed and produced multiple perspective web portals, whether it be business to business portals , business to consumer portal and e-commerce portals.

Web Application

Providing web applications to clients or employees today requires a sophisticated collection of services and several levels. Web applications,place simply, is any software utilized through the internet rather of offline on your laptop or computer.
Companies enjoy having safe web applications which are used just inside their organisation or expanded to be used by certain clients, suppliers, companions or new registered users.

Vision and Mission

Every day we work on our vision to bring the world’s most useful and user-friendly to our clients worldwide. Overall, we’re passionate about helping small businesses succeed online. We believe websites can be built quickly and easily, and yet still look professional.

Oscar Toledo

Austin, Texas

“Prashant is not only very talented, but he is an exceptional. He is honest, with exceptional work ethic and fantastic communication skills.””

David Watts

Oklahoma, United States

“Very professional. You can tell he is seasoned freelancer. He wants to make sure he understands your expectations before he starts work and spells it all out in a document.”

Alex Monckton

Cairns, Australia

“Prashant is patient, gives thoughtful and insightful advice on problem solving, and understands the process of website development. I continue to enjoy working with Prashant.”