freelancer: the ultimate practical guide (2019)

50+ SECRET FREELANCING TIPS Given by successful freelancer

Through out my 10+ years of experience, I did many mistakes as freelancer. I lost many projects due to those mistakes. Each and every time I try my best to improve my self. I learn lots of things from my mistakes.  Following tips are extract of my 10+ years of learning. 

In future, I’m going to describe each chapter and its points in detail.

chapter 4:

commuication with client

Always say “Thank You”, Be respectful

Get detail requirement specification

always prefer written communication

prefer client with proficiency language

divide project in simple milestones

ask meaningful & limited queries

communicate via tools provided by freelance platform

do not frightened to negotiate

convince client for addition work cost

chapter 5:

project development

divide project into milestones and tasks

prefer to give daily report to client

test completed milestone before submit 

to show demo of completed milestones

to ask extra money for extra work

chapter 6:

handover project

show demo of completed project

get all milestone amount and handover project

ask client about improvement in your service

ask client about improvement that he expectated

use gdrive or Dropbox if size of project is in GB’s

chapter 7:

review and rating

 completed all tasks and paid all amount

request client to end project

try to give genuin review

job completion, on budget, on time, repeae hire rate

don’t be afraid to ask for a rating and review

no shame in asking for a referral

chapter 8:

Add projects in portfolio

create interesting & engaging title and description

choose interesting & informative image for thumbnail

only add best projects in portfolio

if there is provision add category, tags and skills