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    February 21, 2013Graphics Design

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    Website graphics definitely perform an important role in marketing your website and so are therefore, an extremely efficient and efficient way of improving your sales. It is very likely that your graphics provide the potential customer their first impression of your site which is really important that a consistent overall picture of your website is created. The high quality and positioning of the graphics found in your website are necessary for it to look both attractive as well as professional. If all else fails within your web site design, using professional looking graphics could only serve to improve your site. Whorush: 16 sites with this AdSense ID


    Definitely, in launching a website, you are attempting to obtain a message across to the public, may it be informative or strictly sales. In either scenario, the information of a website must be easily read. One method to do this is by breaking up the text with well positioned as well as appropriate graphics, being sure that the viewer's interest is held as you promote your message. The graphics must be complementary on the text and help with conveying the content. The visitor must be able to examine a web page and instantly determine what to expect from the rest of the site, understand that first impressions only count once, so make it count. Website graphics and their positioning play an important role in web site design to the point where they can either make or break your website.

    Image Formats

    Generally, the formats used by website graphics are generally JPG or GIF, because they load quicker than most others. The JPG format is especially used by photographs as well as the GIF format is especially used for buttons, logos or menu bars. A word of warning regarding dealing with graphics in JPG format. This format is really a lossy compression, meaning that each and every time the image is edited and saved, it loses a bit of quality. The simplest way to avoid this is to edit the image in the native format of the image manipulation software you are using, after which save the final version in JPG format.

    Size Does Matter

    When somebody visits a web page, that web page is downloaded onto their computer, which means your graphics are downloaded as well. There are two extremely important factors which come into play here when the site contains large graphic files. The initial being when the viewer is applying a slow internet connection, the graphic will require a very long time to download, creating the viewer to reduce interest and probably leave the site. The next being that graphics may use a lot of bandwidth, meaning that if there are a lot of very large graphic files on the site, which site becomes popular, then the price of running that site may escalate. Therefore, if your graphics are more than 50kb, then seriously consider reducing their size. I will include this in more level in my next article, but there are two factors that you can consider. One, stop considering inches or centimetres and think in pixels, since this is exactly what your web page is measured in. Two, screen resolution will not be much better than 96 pixels/inch on most computers, exactly why use a graphic that includes a resolution of 600 pixels/inch and therefore six times bigger?


    Professional website graphics are attention grabbers and definately will make your website stick out within the audience. They will improve your website and increase it's acceptance and therefore produce income. effective website graphics include professionalism to your website, that will in turn entice viewers to return. On the flip side of the coin, low quality or terribly located graphics may cause your site more damage than good. Large graphics files may cause web pages to load slowly, possibly losing visitors and harming your business. Dealing with graphics is extremely time intensive and a creative art form itself. It might therefore, become more functional/affordable, at times, to spend a professional to change/develop the graphics you need.