How to setup website using Bluehost

In today’s digital world, a website is now a necessary for every small to big…..Businesses and Organisations. If you are thinking to setup a website, you are going to need:


  • Domain Name (web address like
  • Web Hosting (a service that connects your website to internet)
  • The domain name and hosting will cost you around $3 to $5 ( Rs.200 – Rs.350 ) per month which is less than a coffee, so it won’t break the bank.

    Having you own Web Hosting will also make sure your website loads quickly and won’t go down for hours at a time (very important for anyone who visits your website).

    Where do I get a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

    There are many web hosting companies. But some of web hosting company provides Web Hosting services with Free Domain Name. And I have personally used Bluehost as a web hosting.

    Bluehost is really affordable, have a good customer service and they provide FREE domain name – so its worth checking them out.

    When you get a domain name, you’ll also get a personal email account: – way more professional than a generic Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail address.

    Please follow the below steps :

    Step 1: Choose website hosting plan

    Go to Bluehost and click on ‘Get Started Now’.


    You can select the hosting plan of your choice. I selected their ‘basic’ option, which is a great choice for New Website.

    The ‘plus’ and ‘prime’ plans are also great, but you don’t really need all the extra features now.
    Save your hard earned cash and opt for the cheapest package to start out with.

    Step 2: Pick a domain name

    • If you are making a website for your business/organisation, your domain name should match your business/organisation name.
      For example:
    • If you are planning to set up a website for yourself, then can be a great option.

    Domain names usually end with .com, .org or .net, .int, .edu, .gov, .mil, .agency, etc…

    My best advice?

    Avoid the weird extensions and go with .com, .in, .net, .org.

    If you already bought your domain name, type your domain name on the right column of ‘I have a domain name’. And click on ‘next’ button.

    If you do not have domain name, type domain name to the left column of ‘New domain’. And click on ‘next’ button.

    Step 3: Fill in your details

    To create your account, just enter your personal information on ‘account information’ page.
    You will need to add in your first name, last name, country, street address, city, zip code, phone number, and email address.

    Step 4: Check your package information

    The next step is select your package plan. In ‘package information’ section, you can see account plan for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and 60 months.

    You can choose your plan. I selected ‘Basic 36 Months Price – $3.95/mo’ plan.

    In next ‘package extras’ section, you can see extra option are available, like SiteLock security, Codeguard Basic, SEO tools.

    • If you want these extra options then check this box.
    • If you don’t want extra options then unchecked this box.

    Step 5: Payment information

    You can pay by Credit Card. There is no provision to pay by Debit Card. You need use credit card here.

    Also, you can see more payment options. Click on ‘more payment options’ link. You can pay with Paypal.

    Fill up your card details and click on submit button.

    Congratulations – now you’re ready to create website !

    If you’ve followed the steps in this guide, you can now create your website! That wasn’t so bad, was it?


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