Why NGO need volunteers : 5 ways to engage volunteers

Why NGO need volunteers? For many organizations, volunteers are the backbone of their NGOs. Volunteers help to grow the organisation, maintain and develop NGO’s mission and cause. Question is how can you engage and motivate volunteers?

As a charity, you believe that volunteers are help charity to raise funds, support and deliver services. Volunteers are the greatest resource. They create skills, ideas and experiences. They’re helpful, friendly and reliable.

Also, the organisation could not perform without them. Because they create a team completely. Without volunteers, NGO’s value is zero.

Below are some of the tips for happily engaged volunteers:

Give challenges to volunteers

Volunteers hunger for challenging tasks and experiences. So these provided opportunities, to take on leadership roles. It develops new goals and skill sets.

Failing to provide this sense of challenges and purpose can be resulted in a decrease in service. As a result, your volunteers interesting, appealing and challenging activities.

Percentage of the organisation that feel volunteers are beneficial to their processes :

  • Increases in the quality of services you provide
  • Cost savings to your organization
  • Increased public support for your programs or improved community relations
  • Access to specialized skills possessed by volunteers
  • Inspire volunteers with your cause

    While your cause is the reason behind all of the work you do. So, use it to impassion your volunteers as well. Also, inspire them with the series of real people. Therefore, they will be helping and the real challenges, they will be addressing.

    Stories of those, who have been changed by your NGO’s mission are the most organic, true and authentic. So it will leave your volunteers feeling motivated and engaged.

    While volunteer involvement most often has some sort of religious context.

    A simple “thanks” to volunteers

    Volunteers are deserved their weight in gold. They share their time and talents without any profit. Therefore it’s important to thank for their contributions.

    Let them know they are valued.

    Thanking them can go a long way toward achieving the goal. So it is deserving of taking the time to find just the right words to show your thankfulness.

    Stay connected with volunteers

    Seems like, good communication is the key to knowing the motivations and expectations of your volunteers. Make sure to be accessible and listen to their suggestions, feedback and insights.

    Also, show your volunteers that their opinions matter to you. With social media platforms and on-the-go communication. So it is easier than ever to keep in touch with your volunteers.

    Build community

    Establish a space where your volunteers can feel a part of something greater than themselves. Create a sense of community among your volunteers.

    Similarly, they should feel connected to each other as well as to the organization. Hence, they will enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people and feeling a sense of belonging.

    So, 25 to 54 years old men and women are the most likely to volunteers.

    Wrap up

    Finally, create an environment, where your volunteers can feel productive and purposeful. But where they are also encouraged to enjoy themselves.

    So this means, providing a positive, enthusiastic and stimulating atmosphere. Seems like, volunteering is a personal choice, not a job, so make them feel this way!

    Use the above 5 ways to engage and motivate your volunteers. Because NGO needs volunteers. If these 5 tips are helpful to engage your volunteers with NGO then share your comment with me.

    Also, if you have some more ideas about how to engage and motivate volunteers. Share your ideas. I’d love to hear about them in a comment.

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