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Why need NGO registration? If we want to manage and run programs at vast and broad level. Then it needs to make a plan to form an organisation. Then need to register organisation legally.

Ngo registration should legal because,

  • More trustworthy for citizens
  • Get good funds from citizens. Also it have legal status to take fund
  • More volunteers are interested to participate and help NGOs
  • To get foreign funding certificate
  • To provide tax exemption to donors
  • Get more opportunity and credibility for funds
  • NGO Registration Methods

    NGO Registration in India can be done under Trust Registration, Society Registration and Non-Profit Company Registration.

    NGO Registration : Trust Registration

    Any person who is capable to bond or has power and property that is transferable can create a trust. Just like other NGO, trust to needs registration. The process for registering a trust is quite simple.

    Before you start the process of ngo registration trust. You need to put name for trust and registered address. Also objects of the trust, one settler of the trust and two trustees of the trust and property of the trust movable.

    Trust should have following details.

  • Stamp paper of requisite value
  • One passport size photo and copy of identity proof of the settler
  • One passport size photo and copy of identity proof of the two trustees
  • One passport size photo and copy of identity proof of two witnesses
  • Signed on all pages by the Settler
  • Under Indian Trust Act of 1882, it is required to register the Trust with local registrar of a state. Along with submit xerox copies signed by the settler on all the pages.

    While going to register, witnesses and settler should be present at the Registrar office. Also need original identity proof.

    Once the officer, simplify that all the documents are real and accurate. Then he will give you the registered Trust. Keep a Xerox copy for his record.

    NGO Registration : Society Registration

    Societies can be referred to member-based organizations for charitable purposes. They are run by a governing body or a managing committee.

    Under society registration acts 1860, minimum 7 members are needed. If you are thinking to work on National Level. Need minimum 8 members from different state should work as promoter.

    Society can be created for following common purpose.

  • Promotion of science
  • Promotion of literature
  • Promotion of fine arts
  • Diffusion of useful knowledge
  • Grant of charitable assistance
  • Creation of military orphan funds
  • Foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms
  • Foundation or maintenance of public museum or galleries
  • Social welfare
  • Social development
  • Other required social and charitable objectives
  • The ngo registration of a society is done in two parts.

  • Memorandum of association
  • Rules and regulations of the society
  • Memorandum of association includes several clauses like name of the society, address of registered office. And object for the formation of society and details of the general body.

    The rules and regulations, when created, it need to be signed and verified by three office bearers of the society.

    Before applying for registration, one needs to ensure the clauses mentioned. Both Memorandum of association and rules & regulations are reviewed and agreed by the members.

    NGO Registration : Non-Profit Company Registration

    Non-Profit Company to promote art, science, charity, religion for social development and for charity. It can be registered under section 8 of the Indian Company Act, 1956.

    There is no need to stamp paper. Atleast, 3 minimum members are needed to formulate a section 8 necessary. Non-Profit Company registration come under section 8.

    In this ngo registration process, it is necessary to apply for name approval. It need to fill Form INC-1 with fee rs 500 and submit it. Contender can give atleast three names. Once accepted, name of the section 8 company is valid till 60 days.

    After your name is confirmed, it need to file memorandum of association and articles of association with the registrar. It must be signed by each subscriber with their details like name, address, description and occupation.

    Once this done, it need to appeal for Certificate of Incorporation then appeal for comapany Tan and Pan card. This will take around 10 to 12 days to complete this process.

    Finally, you get Certificate of Incorporation, PAN and TAN cards, your Non-Profit Company under section 8 is successfully registered.

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