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    February 22, 2013One Page Website

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    You've developed your logo design, and you need to print your business cards and other marketing collateral materials. You need to incorporate your website address (also called a URL) to develop your reliability. Even so, you're not really prepared to write and design a full website. Simultaneously, you do not think it's a good idea to distribute your new printed materials displaying your website URL and to have only a a blank web site waiting for your possible client's requests. What to do?
    Does this sound familiar? Small business owners who are starting small businesses result in this situation. We declare that you build a one-page website to utilize in the interim. Elements to create into your one-page website contain:
    Your brand identity graphics. Consist of your logo and visual vocabulary elements on your website for a constant look and feel across your materials and to make your brand recognition. A brief explanation of your business. This explanation should be between one paragraph and one page in length when typed into a Microsoft Word document, and it should also be {concise|brief}. You do not need your one-page website to become a scrolling monstrosity, website visitors will read the content of a shorter page. And, the greatest goal of your page is for people to read it and find out more about you!
    Your contact information. It is extremely important to include information about ways to get touching you—in case someone stumbles upon your website, gets interested, and desires to hire you! It will also serve as a great guide for any of your current clients or anyone you meet while networking who loses your business card before there is an opportunity to call you. A testimonial from a client, to improve your business's reliability. An enthusiastic, signed testimonial by a real person—you give a connect to their website as "proof" of their existence—will begin to calm any fears that a potential client may include. This will make even a fundamental one-page website powerful.
    You will find that even a one-page website brings in new clients and help to transform prospects to clients. And, since using a website is a "must" in today's business world, your marketing offer will depend on date as well. You can use a one-page site as a beginning for a much bigger site in a step-by-step manner. Writing a couple of website pages at any given time and creating a five- to six-page (or more!) site over a length of time is a a smaller amount difficult task than creating a full site all at once. Even my 330+ page (and counting!) website started as a one-page site.
    The most prevalent excuse that people have for not using a website because of their business is that they do not know things to contain on it. In case you have difficulty writing a single page about your business, try creating yourself talking to a friend or client about your business—it has been better to tell someone your story rather than stare at a blank page. One more reason to possess a one-page website produced is always to obtain a jumpstart on building search engine ratings. You can search engine keyword phrases to the text on the page, and then submit the one-page site to the engine's ranking software. You'll get recognized in the search engines and you will be capable to begin building your site's search engine profile and record. This is actually the beginning of fine search engine optimization and the initial step on the path toward great rankings which will generate many visitors to your site.
    A great advantage of getting a one-page website is that you could incorporate your URL on your printed materials. You will not need to publishing your cards and guarantee when you do launch your full site!