What is NGO ? : Simple Explanation about its Powerful Organization Structure

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What is NGO? NGO is an organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business. NGOs are a very important entity in society. They helping people to understand their rights and oppose bad elements in society for their wrong behaviour.

NGOs are a very important entity in society. This is the glue which connects citizens with Government. Also, it is connecting wires between rich and poor people.

What is NGO? What do NGOs do?

NGO have objective to help people. They work in a single or multiple niches like active in humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, environmental etc.

NGO is voluntary citizens group which is organized on a local, national or international level with a common interest.

Type of NGOs based on their activity

NGOs are divided into two types.

1. Operational NGOs:
These NGOs try to achieve small-scale change directly through projects.

They act as implementers. They mobilize resources to provide goods and services to people who face disaster due to nature.

Eg: Pragya NGO which help in rehabilitation efforts for flash flood victims in Uttarakhand, India.

2. Advocacy / Campaigning NGOs:
These NGOs try to achieve large-scale change promoted indirectly through influence of the political system.

Those NGOs form by a group of professional members. They have large supporter network to influence policy changes.

Most of the times they deal with human rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights.

Eg: Voice for Rights NGO which works among underprivileged women and children. Deepika Rajawat is a chairperson and founder of Voice for Rights NGO. Who is the counsel of Kathua rape victim’s family

NGOs are providing a different kind of services on the humanitarian basis. It works as a bridge to bring citizen concerns to governments.

NGO also support and monitor government policies. It also encourages citizens to participate by providing information.

What is ngo structure that most of people do not know ?

A typical NGO’s organizational structure is illustrated in Figure. ( figure here)

Most of the organization are a divide as Top Management and Staff Members.
Top management body plays a crucial role. Taking important decisions and decide the overall direction. Top management consists of three things.

1. Board of Directors : This is the top part of NGO. which is responsible for hire and supervise the Executive Director, develop and approve budgets, etc.

Most of the times Board members are expert in NGOs cause. It represents NGO to the large community. Many times there is fund provider.

2. General Assembly : In case of membership base NGO, General Assembly is a group of all such members, including its board members and staff members.

3. Executive Director: Executive Director is responsible for overall direction in which NGO moves. He also responded to manage the day to day activity of NGOs.

Executive Director is also be called as Coordinator, Chief Operating Officer, or CEO.

Staff members are responsible to do an activity like day to day functioning and implementing project. Staff member divides into based activity.

1. Administration: Administrative activities are governed by an administrative manager.
Financial management of an NGO, a Finance Assistant may also be responsible for fund-raising activities of the NGO.

The membership coordinator manages the NGO’s members, membership fees, customer relations etc.

2. Publicity : Communications and dissemination manager assisted by other staff members such as a Public Relations Assistant, a Publications Assistant, or a Web/Social Media Assistant.

Its work is to publicize NGOs activities and build a “brand name” for the NGO. Publications assistant will have to work with the public relations and web/social media assistant.

3. Projects: A Programme Manager may be assisted by several Project Assistants, Training Assistants, and other Assistants.

Different acronyms for ngos which speak worldwide

What is NGO called by worldwide? There are other terms for NGOs which use worldwide by the different community.

Here’s what I found:

SHO: Self-Help Organization
NSAs: Non-State Actors
SMO: Social Movement Organization
PVO: Private Voluntary Organization
CSO: Civil Society Organization
GO: Grassroots Organization
TSO: Third-Sector Organization
NPO: Non-Profit Organization
VO: Voluntary Organization
ONG: Organization Non-Governmental (in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian)

Some more interesting terms use for ngos

What is NGO other acronyms with long forms? These acronyms develop based on niche NGO work, location and type.

Here are interesting terms that you never hear:

ENGO: Environmental NGO
NNGO: Northern NGO
MANGO: Market advocacy NGO
NGDO: Non-governmental development organization
PVDO: Private voluntary development organisation
SNGO: Sparsh NGO
TSO: Third-sector organization
GONGO: Government-Organized Non-Governmental Organization
DONGO: Donor-organized NGO
INGO: International NGO
QUANGO: Quasi-autonomous NGO
NNGO: National NGO
BINGO: Business-friendly international NGO or Big international NGO
SBO: Social Benefit Organization
TANGO: Technical assistance NGO
CSO: Civil Society Organization
SNGO: Southern NGO
SCO: Social change organization
TNGO: Transnational NGO
GSO: Grassroots Support Organization

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