Want More Customer For Your Business?

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get your free leads online

Search Engines provide free leads for Businesses. Only thing that... you need to create your business online reputation.

engage with your potential client

Now a day, it is very easy to contact potential client via Social Media. There are many social media strategies to engage and filter quality leads...

Convert into paying customer

Getting leads is not enough. It need to convert them into PAYING CUSTOMERS. For that it require to nurture them and make them conformable with YOUR BUSINESS...

sell more... to your customer

After payment... your responsibility is increase. Customer is more depend on you and trust you. Those people are very easy to sell your next product.

What Software Solution Inc Is All About

group-of-freelancersSoftware Solution Inc is a group of Freelancers.

We provide you tools using which you can GENERATE LEADS & NURTURE THEM and CONVERT INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS.

Our effective online strategies HELPS THOUSAND OF BUSINESSES.

We are proud of our list of 10,000 subscribers which help us to understand that we are generating value in our customers life.

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How Software Solution Inc Help You To Start Your Online Presence


When any businessman want to create online presence.

He think: “To create successful online presence, all you need to do is…. to create WEBSITE and wait for customer.”

If that is so much easy…. then why 95% businesses are not happy with their online performance and…. remaining 5% are getting 95% share of online revenue.

If you used all traditional ways to get customers and really get FRUSTRATED then…. “You are reach at right place.”

I am here to help you…. to create your business online presences.

Getting customers online is very easy… if you can implement right ONLINE STRATEGY and NURTURE VISITORS for specific intent.

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About Prashant Nalavade

freelancer-wordpress-developer-prashant-nalavadeHi… I am Prashant ! 

Similar to other teenagers, I was also not aware about my interest in college days.

Due to that after completing my engineering in Electronics &  Telecom… I choose Software Development as my CAREER.  

After working… 3 to 4 years  as Web Developer in different IT firms…. I shifted to FREELANCING due to Work Freedom. 

From last 8+ years, I was working as Web Developer on different Freelancing platform… like upwork.com and freelancer.com. 

When doing freelancing, I closely observe client online business and digital marketing. I find online business is very interesting… so I started my this BLOG with intention to do lots of experiment about web technology and digital marketing.  

Please check out my new interesting experiment with UI & UX… it is ONLINE BOOK – “FREELANCER: THE ULTIMATE PRACTICAL GUIDE “

I am using this BLOG to help Freelancers. This blog also help me to get direct clients.