How To Write An Article Which Help Beginners

Having trouble when you start to article writing? Here are some helpful tips for you on how to article writing. And you will find yourself in right place.

I am WordPress Developer from last eight years. I usually read articles about programming languages and latest technology. One day I decided to write article that time I face many trouble. I find myself difficult to write article, like how to describe my experiences and knowledge.

When I started to write an article that time I look at my computer screen, watch blinking cursor on blank document, my fingers were almost frozen on keyboard and lots of thoughts come in my mind. But I can not write single word in document. Having confuse Where to start article? How to proceed article? What is article structure and format? What reader expect from article? Is this article useful to readers?

This article is for you my friends who are interested to start article writing. Here are some following points that helped me in article writing. I am sure that below points are useful to you.

Article Writing : What is an Article?

When I start to write my first article,I thought what is article means? I research online and find information on the internet through search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Internet is wide source for sharing and gathering information. The great thing about these search engines are to help people, show the most accurate and relevant information.

“Article means writer’s give a chance to share their opinions, knowledge, ideas, thoughts, experiences on specific subject or topic that can help people find more accurate information from your article.”

Article have different types like story, news, profiles, research, essay and so on. When you write article, choose your topic first where you are more interested or you are expert in specific area then research on that topic, make list of main points that you want to convey.

Article Writing : How to write an article step by step?

Step 1: Research
Before start to write article, choose a topic that you interests, ensure that topic is manageable and material is available, research and read more about topic, brainstorm for ideas, make a list of keywords and make yourself an expert.

Step 2: Brainstorming
Creativity is not easy to controlled and fresh ideas are hard to find. When you are trying to come up with article,brainstorming can help you to get fruitful juice products. Before you look at what you want to do,think about what you are trying to achieve. Decide your goals, do some research on topic, investigate topic from an interesting angle.

Step 3: Thesis
Research online on your selected topic and get more productive information on the internet through search engines like Google. These search engines are help people and get accurate and relevant information. Thesis is main point that summed up in a concise sentence that reader know where your article going and why. When you are do research on selected topic, make sure that when you will get important information or points, write it down on paper or document file.

Step 4: Analysis
After completing research step,do analysis on list of main points that you written down during research step. Write down analysis on research points and look for strengths & weakness of logic.

Step 5: Outline
Sketch your article before write it down. Make bullet points to describe what each paragraph will contain. Use one line sentence paragraph.

Step 6: Introduction
Clearly mention your article topic in introduction section. Start with a compelling first paragraph that addresses their problem or question and hints at a solution. Give main points summary. It should grab reader’s attention.

Step 7: Paragraph
Each individual paragraph should focus on single idea that support your thesis. Being paragraph with topic sentences, support assertions with evidence and expand your ideas in clearest. Each paragraph contain two to four lines. Develop paragraph sub-headings that gives reader a clue about what they are going to read.

Step 8: Conclusion
Summarizing the topic or final opinion, recommendation or comment. Give graceful exit your article by making quick wrap up sentence. End with some memorable thought, quotation, interesting twist of logic or CTA(call to action).

Step 9: MLA Style
Format your article according to correct guidelines for citation. All borrowed ideas & quotations should be correctly cited in body of your text.

Step 10: Language
Polish your language by correcting grammar, making sentences flow, incorporating rhythm, emphasis, adjusting formality, giving level-headed tone, make other intuitive edits.

Article Writing : What is use of Article?

How these articles help in my life!
As I said before, I am wordpress developer and I developed and customised wordpress plugins and themes. When I got an errors in website development,I try to resolve errors by myself first. After many tried,I search solution on internet. I read numbers of articles or blogs or forums that help me to resolve problem. And I get error solution through articles.

Articles learns many new things easily, get solution of problem. These articles makes you better thinker, better listener, better speaker and you will create bigger ideas.

Article Writing : What reader expect from article?

Each and every person who reads articles have one purpose, to get something useful information or answer a query.

  • Get Simple and Quality Article:
  • Readers like simple and quality content that makes sense to them. That keep your readers engaged with your article and they will read the article till the end. Simple language does not mean that your article writing is like a school essay.

    Write in a way that it is connected with your readers and makes your readers interested in your articles. It needs to offer tips, helpful links, entertaining stories and other appropriate content that reader enjoying reading.

  • Article Structure and Layout:
  • Before write article, sketch your article structure and layout that help reader attention. Make 10 to 15 sections for your articles like the introduction, summary, body (list of main points) and conclusion.

    In body section, add a list of main points(like 8 to 10 points). Each main point has title, images, description or text content, video and quotes. Each text content has 2 to 4 paragraphs. Lastly, each paragraph has 2 to 4 lines of contents.

    This article layout shows neat and clean article content. The reader can read article easily with given list of main points.

  • Article Look and Feel:
  • Make article heading or title in the h1 tag. Create sub-headings with numerical numbers, add sub-heading in the h2 tag, add two to three paragraphs for each sub-heading.

    Make article heading and subheading are in a bold format and give font size to show bigger than other content, give font family to look different and give font colour to see different. A reader can read article easily and do not get boar.

    Article Writing : How to create quality content articles to help reader?

    Keep article content is real and original. Write article content for your reader, do not for yourself. To create quality content, you have to write a lot of article writing practice. You need to writing practice.

    1. Prewrite :
    Before starting to write your rough draft, find your ideas are all around you. Write every idea that comes into your mind. Do not stop to edit your mistakes, just let ideas flow.

    Now it is time to sort your ideas and choose which ones you will use to form your story or article.

    A draft is the initial stage of the writing process. Writer initially creates a draft document to write down ideas, develop cohesive text, organize thoughts, discovers argument or point and elaborate on key ideas.

    In revise stage, you need to review the whole article, eliminate unnecessary words and trim your article. Ask friends or family members to take a look and give you feedback, and if something is not working rewrite it and replace it.

    Proofread means to read text content, find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, spelling and correct mistakes before article display online. Read your article loudly, it is helpful to hear other problems that you may not see when reading silently.

    Final Edits:
    Check for repetition, clarity, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Ask family or friends to review article and get feedback from them. Read articles number of times and repeat any steps as needed in the article.

    Submit Article
    Finally, when you are satisfied with your article then submit article online.

    Wrap Up

    I try to cover most of the points which are necessary for Beginners (or writers??). It could be possible I missed some important points.

    Please feel free to comment If you have some interesting points. I will add those points in the article with your name.

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