How I Increased My Freelancing Earning From $15 to $1500 in less than 8 months

Dear Friend,

It would be difficult to believe that a person can earn $1500 and more… just by working online from home.

But this is a real fact and I personally experienced it.

There are a little pain…. but rather working under any boss, I feel more comfortable to work independently.

No one’s bossing, No 2 to 3 hours daily travelling or No need to stay away from family 12 hours a day.

If you are really interested in business or want to understand business then doing….. 

“Freelancing is very important milestone in your career.”

I believe by reading my Freelancing story below. It will help many people To find out Right Source of Earning.


My frustrating employment journey....

Around 8 to 9 years ago, I was working for small IT company in Borivali, Mumbai.

Even though I had a 3 to 4 years of experience, still my salary was not as per my expectation.

And this situation have reason also, stubbornness in my blood and not listening to others.

If someone have these qualities then understand that his career would ended before he starts.

Along with that, I had very bad academic record.

In engineering, where students thoughts to gain first class throughout all years.

There I had KT’s throughout all years.

Along with this kind of record “to achieve something in life or create a good career is impossible.”

"To bear bossing.... this is also a great art"

For me, this is a big courage. People who do this I salute them.

If you do not have this art then it is big thing to stick with same company more than 1 year. Except some employers, I did not work more than 3 to 4 months in any company.

how i moved to freelancer....

That was my luck… because my last company base was Freelancing.

My boss bid and won ‘Web Development’ work from Freelancing websites and transfer work to his employees.

In this company, I was work as WordPress Expert.

But in any small company, it is rare that… company provide tasks which suits your role.

Due to one of similar Jquery task, there was tension between me and my boss.

"And as usual I left this company also... on same day."

That time I did not understand… but after leaving office and sit on berth of train…

Due to cold wind my anger is also cool down.

My heart brought me to Dadar Chowpatty rather than home.

And my brain was asking the only single question, “WHAT IS NEXT…?”

I still remember that day....

There was heavy rain on Dadar Chowpatty. The sea was looks calm everywhere. On chowpatty, except 2 to 3 dogs no one was there.

The whole area seemed to be stunned and calm… but inside there was storm.

The rain was falling heavily and my tears were also in the same situation.

After 2 to 3 hours,on office leaving time, I went home.  When I came home… I ate quietly and went to sleep.

My real struggle...!

freelance-struggleNow from the second day, my real struggle started. I was unable to tell my parents.

So what to do…

I took my bag… go outside. In the afternoon, I slept in garden. On office leaving time… I came back to home.

This was my regular routine.

After 10 to 12 days, with a lot of patience… I told my parents. And as usual, I got worst response from them.

There was some reason to tell the parents. After thinking 10 to 12 days, I decided


When I started freelancing....

I did not have much information about Freelancing.  But there one information I have….

"Someone use Freelancing and earn millions of rupees and paying salary to 10 to 15 employees".

Many years before, I registered on Upwork but never got daring to do freelancing.

I started freelancing… but the fact that doing freelancing have different formula… and it need little patience to realize this.

How to find a project…? What are bid…? Below each project description, why there is so much freelancers list…?

How to get money from the client…? How to submit a project to the client…? How to get client’s requirement…? How to talk to the client…? and etc.

"Too many questions and lot of confusion in my mind… felt more insecure."

It seemed like I jumped in such place where… “what will happen next?”  This question was always present.

Understood bidding… started bid. Know one thing… if you are new in the market then your price is lower than others.

Searched so many things online. Read lots of articles for new freelancer. Also know… the importance of having a good profile.

I worked so hard and proved myself...

Again insecurity feeling wrap me… felt very lonely. But I force my mind and explain the reality

Don’t give up hope ! During so many years, you was unable to make habit to work under Boss then how you can make it now? This is the only path you have… FREELANCING“.

Started again… started bidding… started to seat in front of PC more than 12 hours a day.

Doing job applications, dealing with foreign clients… and video chat with them in broken accent is a daily routine.

I understood that, I should study other Freelancer’s profile… who are MY COMPETITORS. That helping me to improve my profile and help me to set my hourly rate.

I started to do client requirement analysis in depth. If you are HIGH-END EXPERT in your field still you can’t give guarantee about you have ability to make good requirement analysis.

This is different skill and you get it with EXPERIENCE.

I was working 10 hours per day… still tasks always pending…. It felt that I work only for 1- 2 hours.

People are crazy for their dreams… but I was crazy for my work. I was not really concern about money.

I was enjoying my work. My social life was almost finished.

Someday when I was going outside home… my friends asked me “had you go abroad?”

Finally.... achieved my goal !

I did not realized… when 8 months over. Everyday I was working more than 10 to 12 hours. The person who had working 20 days only for $20. And now that person was taking $15 per hour. Everything seems to be in dreams.

In first month $20, second month $61, third month $102, fourth month $525till the 8 month I was earning $1500 per month. This was my eight month journey from $15 to $1500.

I think… this is not only my journey…. but also every successful freelancer would have this.

You can also achieve these things. It does not require high IQ or you do not need big investment.

Only one thing is most important… that is Your Dedication.

No one will ask you for your education and certificate here. Client is interested only in your work and skills.

They are giving you complete practical knowledge.

Here also all nature rules apply :

In school first they teach you… and take exam but here, first they take exam… and teach…

I believe, if I can do it… then you can also…

It need 3 things only :
1. Continuity
2. Faith
3. Hard work.

So what do you think…? Give your comments below…

I’m very excited to hear your thoughts.

It could be possible your comments would be lighthouse for any voyager.

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