Chapter 1

profile management

Chapter 2

search & filter job

Chapter 3

job application

Chapter 4

communication with client

Chapter 5

project development

Chapter 6

handover project

Chapter 7

review & rating

Chapter 8

add project in portfolio

chapter 8:

After review and rating, It need to add your completed projects in your portfolio. Try to add your completed project in your portfolio.

Let’s get find out…. how to create a portfolio.

1. create interesting and engaging title and description for portfolio:

When you add your completed project in portfolio…

It’ll need to create interesting and engaging your portfolio title and description too.

Your portfolio title should be understand what kind of work you have done.

Also in description try to give details about your project.

So other client can easily understand your portfolio.

2. Choose interesting and informative image for thumbnail :

In real, thumbnail plays a very important role in encouraging client to hit the view image.

A thumbnail image is a small image that represents a your project. Choose interesting and informative image for thumbnail.

Make sure your thumbnail image look fine and can see clear image…. not a blur image.

3. Only add best projects in portfolio:

There is no need to add all completed projects in your portfolio. Choose only BEST PROJECTS from your end in your PORTFOLIO.

Because client want to see your BEST work… he do not have that much time to see your all work.

This is your responsibility to choose best and impressive project that you have done.

4. Add other information regarding project.

When you add the project, there are other information is also there… like project category, tags, your skill etc..

If there is provision to add above information, then fill up those. It will help to get better exposure to search.

Freelancer platform like Upwork have provision to add project category, tag, skill.