Chapter 1

profile management

Chapter 2

search & filter job

Chapter 3

job application

Chapter 4

communication with client

Chapter 5

project development

Chapter 6

handover project

Chapter 7

review & rating

Chapter 8

add project in portfolio

chapter 5:

Project Development

After agree on milestones, it’ll need to create project development plan as per given timeline and cost. Project development is the process…  the facility of planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling the resources to accomplish…. SPECIFIC GOALS.

Let’s get started…!


1. Divide project into milestones:

When you start to develop a project…. before that divide project into milestones, modules and tasks. And fix completion date of each milestones.

Write down tasks in details to avoid future requirement dispute.

Ask client, his opinion about milestones and expected changes.

After completing of each milestone… get payment from client.

It’ll easy for you to develop project… very smoothly.

2. Prefer to give daily report to client:

Daily report helps client to understand the performance, progress and productivity on a project. In report, you can write down about tasks status… like task is completed or pending.  

To give daily report to client, it shows your professionalism and sincerity.

There will be no dispute in the future.

3. To show demo of completed milestones:

After completion of each task or milestone, prefer to show demo of completed work to client.

So client can review your completed work and give feedback on that.

If client want to do some changes or find some mistakes… so he can inform about that.

4. Test before submitting a completed work:

Most important thing is before submitting a completed milestone or task… you’ll need to test.

Without testing…. you’ll submit work to client…and if he find some bugs or errors….
It’ll show bad impact on client. It could be possible he do not release payment easily.


Test thoroughly before, submit completed milestone and get payment after completion of each milestones.


5. To ask extra money for your extra work:

Most of times, client add new tasks in requirement. If tasks are small and simple… then complete as per client expectation.

…Else always try to place all those tasks after completions of all milestones. That will help you to ask extra money for your extra work.