Chapter 1

profile management

Chapter 2

search & filter job

Chapter 3

job application

Chapter 4

communication with client

Chapter 5

project development

Chapter 6

handover project

Chapter 7

review & rating

Chapter 8

add project in portfolio

chapter 7:

Review and Rating

After complete project, client and freelancer give rating to each other. Client give rating to freelancer on basis of his professionalism, complete project on budget & time, quality of work and communication skill.

If you want to get good review & rating from client then follow below steps. It will help you.


1. Complete all tasks and paid all amount:

When the project comes at the last stage, ask client about pending tasks which are part of project requirement and still not completed.

It will shows that you care about client and his project.

It’s good impact on client.

Also, try to complete some extra small and simple tasks for client.

2. request client to end project:

When client agree about completion of all tasks and paid for all milestones…. request a client to end the project.

Sometime client forget to end the project.… so you need to request a client.

3. On which basis client give you feedback:

Client give you the rating on basis of :

“Your professionalism, you complete a project on budget & time, check quality of work and your communication skill.

Throughout the project client observed your behavior, understanding, knowledge and expertise level.

How quickly you grab the things or knowledge.

4. try to give genuine review:

Always try to give genuine feedback.

Sometime what happened.. you’ll get very bad client… whose behavior is not good, don’t pay proper money…

That time you’ll need to give genuine feedback for that client.

So other freelancers can get idea about…. client’s behavior and professionalism.


5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a rating and review:

After completion of project, need to give review and rating.

Sometimes, after end the project… client will forget to give review and rating… due to his busy schedule.

That time, you need to request a client to give review and rating. Don’t be afraid to ask for a review and rating.

Because client feedback is very useful to your profile…. It’ll get project in future from other clients.

6. No shame in asking for a referral:

After end project, you can tell client,

“Refer to my profile if there are any other client who you know.”

Don’t a shame in asking for a referral. It may be possible… you’ll get a new client through your old client’s referral.