Chapter 1

profile management

Chapter 2

search & filter job

Chapter 3

job application

Chapter 4

communication with client

Chapter 5

project development

Chapter 6

handover project

Chapter 7

review & rating

Chapter 8

add project in portfolio

chapter 1:

Profile Management

There are many freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancner.com, Elance, Guru, People Per Hour, etc… that you can use for your Freelance Career.

This is first step to fill up your Freelance profile. It is very important because client see your profile first when you apply for project. You need to create a good first impression on client.


1. Use your Real Name, don't hide your true identity

When you are doing freelancing, always use a Real Name. It shows you are true person, trustworthy and unhide your true identity.

Many freelancers are using fake names on their freelancing profile. It doesn’t have to sound cool… your name.

The most important thing is:

Your name and your bank account name must be MATCH otherwise you do not RECEIVE MONEY.

I remember:

When I completed my first project on Upwork. That time I face issue with my Name. Because my Name is not match with my bank account name. I got a lot of trouble. I could not transfer my money into bank account.

After that I use my name same as bank account name.

2. Stand out from the crowd, select your perfect profile picture

Why your Profile Picture is important?


It help to client… to develop the right impression about you and identify you.

Client want to work with freelancer they trust and if they don’t see a photo, they may move on.


When selecting your Profile Picture, keep these tips in mind.

-> Find your best light: Look for natural and good lighting. You can get natural light, in your window, balacony or outside your home. Avoid poor or too dark light. Avoid overhead light which create shadows on face. There is no need to buy high voltage lights and focus.

-> Simple background: Look for plain, simple and light background, not too bright background. You can use your room’s wall with plain and light background. There is no need to create Studio.

-> Focus on your face: Face the camera straight on. Wear dress that you comfortable or wear professional dress. And remember to smile on face! Avoid your full body photo because it is hard to see your face in photo. Crop your photo till your shoulder. Avoid to wear sunglasses in photo.


Clients find smiling freelancers more warm, friendly and trustworthy.

3. Showcase your expertise in the title and overview section

Your title should describe your expertise and skill with experience. Make sure your title must be short and simple. So, client can easily understand… what you do.

For example:

I am WordPress Developer and I have 8+ years of experience in Web Development. So, I describe myself as “WordPress Developer with 8+ years of experience” or “WordPress Expert”.

In overview section, you can provide brief description of yourself as a freelancer. Tell about what makes you different, include your important experience, won any contest. List all skill that you have.


I am Developer, so my skill is PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Jquery, eCommerce, Web Design, etc…

Make sure to keep your profile upto date, add your new skills, experience, etc.

Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.

4. Create an outstanding introduction video to attract more attention

Having an introduction video on your profile is a great way. It build connection with clients, who looking for talent.

Here are some steps to create a Introduction Video:

-> Plan out what you want to say:  In your script, introduce who are you, what services you offering, your experiences and skills. Communicate these points in 30 seconds in video. Make it short and simple.

-> Use a camera:  If you don’t have Digital Camera, you can use your smartphone or webcam. Make sure, video quality is good, because it show professionalism. Client can see you properly.

-> Record with good lighting:  When you recording video, light position is very important. Make sure light is straight on your face and doesn’t show shadows on your face. You can use simple light also or use high voltage light or focus.

-> Set plain and simple background: Simple and plain background help you, to keep focus is on you, not the things around you.

-> Avoid surrounded sound: Make sure when you are recording the video, choose quite place or you can use your bedroom/room also. Because mic will pick up the sound.

for example:

If you recording video in your home, so don’t forget to close room’s windows and door, to avoid surrounded sound.

-> Use a mic: For video recording, mic is also important factor. Because in video, if sound is not good and clear… no one can watch your video. You can use professional mic or mobile phone mic. Many smartphone have good quality of mic.

-> Add video in profile: Go to your profile setting, upload your video.

Upwork have a provision to upload video. You need to check which Freelancing website that you use. They provide to upload video or not.


5. Highlight your best work in your portfolio

Freelancing profile have section for showcase your Portfolio. Add your portfolio with,

-> title that summerise project
-> overview which describe detail of project
-> upload an attractive final product image
-> include demo link (if have provision)
-> add project category, skill and tag (if available)

Client check portfolio and he always try to find out similar project in your portfolio.

To show your portfolio is practically guaranteed to draw a potential client’s attention.

It is your chance to show, not just tell, the quality of your work and the value of your expertise.

I remember:

In my portfolio, I place 2 best portfolios about “WordPress Plugin Development” and “WordPress Theme Customisation”. New clients saw my portfolio, check my url’s and they got impressed on my portfolio. And I got new projects on that basis.

6. Include your Education background, Employment history that help client

In education background, write down about your education level like IT Engineer, MBA, Graduated, etc.

Adding details about your employment history can help client… understand your background.

Add company name where you work in past, add your role & responsibilities, time period.

You can use bullet points to highlight achievements and illustrate your specific expertise.

7. Listing the certifications that prove your specific knowledge

Listing your certifications, can help to prove your specific knowledge.

Particularly, if they relate to specific systems, your client may look for.

8. more relevant tests you pass, more professional you look

If you are new freelancer then make sure to give more tests as you can. Because you don’t have a solid portfolio to show off.

When client can see your profile, he can notice your tests that you pass. It show you are more professional.

Test score show your knowledge and skill level.

If you have a solid portfolio then you should not worry about any tests. Because these tests are no match for real hard work.


9. set your hourly rate that match your experience and skills

To set your hourly rate can be confusing.

You don’t want to charge too much and lose potential clients. On the other hand, you don’t want to charge too low and lose out on potential profits.

I remember:

When I got my first project,I work 1 month for $20. Because that time I was new on freelancer platform.

After first project, I slowly keep my rate increase. I was started from $4/hour. Now today, I take $18/hour.

Most important thing is:

If you getting work more than 40 hours per week then you increase your rate by 10%.