10 Latest Personal Branding Tips for Freelancers (2019)

If you are reading this article right now… I guess that you would have come to a certain stage in your life with your career.

Do you want a greater job? Or do you want more business opportunities?

Except to get more skills in your field of work, personal branding is an essential part of your career hike.

From the last 3-4 years, I have been working hard to develop my personal brand. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

That’s why I want to share with you, my 10 steps personal branding method that has worked wonders.

It takes a lot of time to build a strong brand .

1. Have a Professional Photo on all your Online Profiles:

A professional photo helps you a lot for personal branding. It shows that you take your professional life very seriously.

It communicates that you are ready to go the extra mile to be professional in the corporate world.

A professional profile can be essential to your success on the freelancing platform.


Always take your professional photo with your professional clothes.

You can hire a professional photographer or you can click the photo using a smartphone. Most of the smartphone has a good quality camera.

If you hire a professional photographer… he can charge around Rs.300 to Rs.500 per photo.

And they would ask for a minimum of 10 photos to be selected from the shoot.

So, you’ll spend around Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 for this photo shoot.

It may look costly a bit.

If you can get 20% more money, it would pay money for itself many times over.

And beginning with a 10% better earnings would set a benchmark for your future earning.

So… who knows?

Maybe an investment of Rs. 3000 would yield 10-20 lakhs within the next 5 years.

So don’t be hesitate to invest in a professional photo.

And once you have the photo, update it on all the online profiles.

2. Share your life journey:

What does a good story do?

Is memorable, connect to people, builds loyalty, helps us relate and stand out.

How can you use a story to build your personal brand?

Storytelling is something you do every day, in almost every situation. No reason to overthink… because it comes naturally.

Storytelling creates an emotional connection with your audience, by making a visual landscape, out of your content.

A story should be compelling so others will relate to that. Be authentic along with your stories.

Freelancers need to stand out from the crowd and become visible to the world as a brand.

"Nobody will tell the world that you are an expert in a particular topic, you have to do it yourself."

3. create and design your own personal website:

This is the most important step in Personal Branding.

Having personal website … to create that connection between you and the topic target you’re aiming at.

websiteYour personal website will help the employer or client to know more about you.

It may be possible you’ll get most of the jobs after seeing your personal website.

So there is no doubt that this method works.

You can also add some testimonials and feedback from previous employers or clients to your website’s about page.

Because that’s the best way… you can get for advertising your social proof.

"In your personal website, shows your knowledge, experience, skill and portfolio."

4. create your brand identity:

A logo is an important part of your company or personal brand. Its purpose is to give people an easy way to remember you.

To stand out in the marketplace, you need to plant a seed in people’s minds.

software solution inc logoOne of the most effective ways that to do this is to tell a story – Your Story. Your logo is that the ‘memory hook’ that remembers this story in their mind whenever they see it.

Whether it’s your logo, business card, colour scheme or social media banner, your visual identity is about visual storytelling.

"This is how you capture people’s attention and get them to notice you."

5. have custom domain email id:

This really matters…. 

When I apply for a job or project, I use prashant@softwaresolutioninc.com as the email ID.

This creates an impact in the minds of the employers or clients.

Most of the people apply to a job with a Gmail ID. And since most people cannot get the email ID that we would like with Gmail or Yahoo.

email-idWe add the date of birth, sun signs, moon signs, lucky numbers and everything else to our email ID.

  • kadam.anu@gmail.com
  • ashish.1977@yahoo.com
  • coolguy28@gmail.com

These are the sort of email IDs that candidates have once they apply for a job. And you’ll apply with yourname@yourdomain.com.

We simply need to be better than the others. There is a long way to go before we become the best.

You just must be the preferred choice among the people who have applied, and that’s all you wish to do to get the work.

Many times, the employers get curious with this email ID.


And they visit softwaresolutioninc.com  which takes them to my website.

"Having a professional photo and custom domain email ID can set you other than most of the other applicants."

6. Keep your social media clean and neutral:

Although expressing our thoughts on social media will no doubt be therapeutic, it may also drop your clients.

You must be yourself, your brand depends on that.

social-mediaHowever, what you place on social media tends to remain and be remembered, even if you delete it later.

A balance between expertise or professionalism and your personality is key.

Create values for prospective customers.

They will be personal and still representative of an expert.

"If you’re doing business or freelancing, potential customers can notice your personal social media profiles."

7. document your learning, thought & ideas:

The first factor we do in the journey of becoming expert is to learn.

It’s clear.

You get knowledge from books, people, coworkers, seminars, workshops, blogs, video content. But if you are not writing any notes, then you will forget most of what you learned.

The primary requirement to become a professional is to learn and take notes.

However, don’t take notes on a random piece of a notebook. We know what happens to them – it simply disappears into the universe, each time!

Therefore publish your notes on a Twitter account and/or an informal blog. This blog needn’t be your primary blog.

When you take notes whereas learning, the data will be in very scattered format.

It’s ok…!

But it’s necessary to require those notes. Later, you’ll use these notes to publish more organized and read-worthy content on your primary blog.I take notes all the time. Ideas, random inspirations, business ideas.

"Such notes and knowledge act as... a foundation for more serious content that helps me for articles on my blog."

8. Serve your customer before you sell:

If you want to be a successful freelancer or businessman then you will need to serve your customers.

Whether it’s before the sale, during the sale, communication is that the glue that keeps the connection together.

Facilitate communication through statements like…

“Let me see if I understand what you are telling,” or, “Just to make sure we’re on the proper track, are these the 5 problems you are concerned about?”

Good communication happens when people actually listen.

Here are 5 ways:

  • Be a proactive approach
  • Good communication
  • Have a friendly and positive attitude
  • Understand the client’s service or product
  • Follow up client

9. Build a great portfolio:

If you are freelancer or employee, looking for a job, putting a great portfolio on the internet is key.

Word of mouth is a good tool for getting your name out there.

However, a building a freelance portfolio website can make you stand out in a potential client or employer’s mind.

portfolioIf you are new your field, it seems like… it’ll take years to create a collection of work, you’re proud of…. then one of those stunning portfolios might seem way out of reach.

When you are NEWcreating your own portfolio is a great move.

When you create your own portfolio, you get the chance to demonstrate to potential clients and employers…. what kind of work you’ll do.

And your portfolio itself is a project you’ll use to showcase your skills.

A portfolio doesn’t need to include only paid work and it doesn’t even have to be restricted to work you did with clients.

If you worked on projects at school or during a coaching course, include them!

"And don’t be afraid to include small projects you work on in your own time."

10. build a relationship with the client:

No matter what stage of your freelance career you’re in, it will be very tough to think long-run.

The quality of your client relationships can determine your ultimate happiness and success as a freelancer.

Good relationships can have you:

  • Ever excited to work
  • Paid on time
  • Learning new stuff
  • Networking sort of a pro
  • Basically crushing it in your business

On the other hand, bad client relationships form one of the highest complaints that we tend to hear from freelancers.

Amongst the most common problems are:

  • Late pay
  • Misunderstanding of deadlines
  • Changing of goalposts
  • Mysteriously growing project