Chapter 1

profile management

Chapter 2

search & filter job

Chapter 3

job application

Chapter 4

communication with client

Chapter 5

project development

Chapter 6

handover project

Chapter 7

review & rating

Chapter 8

add project in portfolio

chapter 2:

Search and filter

Before apply for project, you need to search and filter projects and figure out which project is right for you. You can filter project by Job Type, Price, Hourly Rate or Budget, Location, category.

Let’s show how to do it !

1. Select price range:

In fixed price project, you can adjust price range from minimum to maximum, like $500 to $2000.

In hourly project, you can add per hour rate from minimum to maximum, like $5 to $15 per hour.

In upwork, you can select less than 30 hours/week or more than 30 hours per week projects.

2. Use a proper keyword:

Cut down number of listings by using keyword.

For example:

If you want to bid on Web Design project then you search on the list by typing in “web design” keyword.

If you are an expert in Logo Design, type in “logo design” keyword.

You can see list of projects that you enter KEYWORD in search section.

3. Client info, history and location:

In upwork, there is filtration for client also. You can filter client by history, payment method and location.

If you are applying for project, always check client payment method is verified or not. This is very important. If client payment method is verified then apply for job.

You can see client history, how many freelancers he hired in past.

Like, 1 to 9 hires, 10+ hires, no hires options. You can choose above one option.

You can filter client by location. Select or enter location and you’ll see list of client from particular location.

For example:

I want client from Australia country. I enter Australia location, can see list of client from Australia.

4. Project category:

You can filter project list by category.

If you are Web Developer, you can select Web Development category.

If you are Writer, you can select Writing category. You can select category according your skill and experience.

You can sort project listing by Newest project, Relevance project, Lowest price, Highest Price, etc.

5. Job types:

You can choose among the two job types – Fixed Priced Projects, Hourly Projects.

In fixed priced project, you will get payment through milestone or get total amount after completion of the project.

In hourly project, you will get hourly payment.