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  • 10+ yrs of industry experience
  • best on Upwork & Freelancer
  • fast, credible & trustworthy

Check my freelancing profile with successfully completed project & 3rd party real feedback .

I am a Freelance Web Developer with 10+ years of industry experience. You dream it…. I’ll make it real !” 

Prashant Nalavade

Prashant Nalavade

freelancer-wordpress-developer-prashantI have 10+ years of industry experience as Freelance Web Developer. Please check my above Upwork and Freelancer.com profile.

On these platform, I have completed 100+ web development projects with 5-star rating. You can check 3rd party reviews & ratings on my successfully completed projects.

From last 10 years, I have completed total 1000+ web development projects online and offline. I always prefer to give commitment which I can fulfill.

Due to that my most of project completed on time and my 80% customers contact me again for their next web development project. 

"I learn professionalism, communication and latest technologies in market from my USA, UK & Australian clients."

From last 8 years, I’m working with USA, UK and Australian clients. I have learned lots of things from those clients. These people are real professional who trust me and awarded with their awesome projects. 

Freelancing is hard-core industry. I had completed my bachelor engineering (BE) degree from Mumbai University.

In freelancing, client never care about what is your education but they care about successful project completion.

I am proud of my freelancing profile because freelancer with highest skill and professionalism can sustain here. And I am a top-notch freelancer on those platforms.

Similar to the real life, freelancing also tested me first and then taught me a lesson.

I have to say only one thing…. “YOU DREAM IT, I’LL MAKE IT REAL IN WEB TECHNOLOGY”.

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What you will get in my package?

Hosting And Domain

Most of client find its complicated. Please don't worry. I am handling your pain. Domain mapping and installing application are my daily work routine.

Web Design & Development

With 10+ years of experience, I can provide you premium and higher end industry standard website

Content For Website

This is very crucial part. My content writer freelancer will create awesome content which make it different from other website.

Maintainance & Support

This is my responsibility to think about security issues and functionality problems. Please enjoy your web presence.

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Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed With my Risk Free, 100% Money Back, 30 Day Refund Policy!

money-back-guarantee-30daysIf you’ve ever felt that you want website which should be online presence of your organization, then you need to give my package a try.

I have 30 days money back guarantee. Simply request a refund for any reason within 30 days of purchase and you get your money back.

You have nothing to lose and only  to gain! I have even MORE to offer you if you ACT NOW…


Disclaimer:  Please consider I am very choosy about my project. If your project is interesting I can take max. risk about my time and money.

What I do... as WEB DEVELOPER ?

website design

Website is face of your Business. This is my responsibility to make its look and functionality premium with responsive & cross-browser by default.

website customization

After achieving small success online, many client want Customize his Website to next level. I'll help you to achieve this level.

website security

With thousand of 3rd party scripts, website owner do not understand when his website hacked. They use nulled script & provide back door for hackers. I am here to rescue you.

Website maintenance

Some of clients do not take small issues very seriously but it could be effort of hackers to make you confuse. Maintenance is very essential for everyone. My thoroughly knowledge of WordPress keep your website intact.

web application development

Want to enhance your website with functionality?? Till now, I developed 100+ web application. I am passionate about this. I enjoy this... specially WEB APPLICATION.

website optimization

Your website is so slow but you do not bother? But Google care about this. Google provide you FREE customers if you care about its customers... means Researcher. I'm catalyst... hire me!

What Software Solution Inc Is All About

group-of-freelancersSoftware Solution Inc is a group of the Freelancers. We are Freelance WordPress Developers, Content Writer, Copywriters, Graphic Designers and Video Editors.

We provide you Premium optimized website which help you GENERATE LEADS & NURTURE THEM and CONVERT INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS.


About Me...

freelancer-wordpress-developer-prashantHi… I am Prashant !

Similar to other teenagers, I was also not aware about my interest in college days.

Due to that after completing my engineering in Electronics &  Telecom… I choose Software Development as my CAREER.

After working… 3 to 4 years  as Web Developer in different IT firms…. I shifted to FREELANCING due to Work Freedom.

From last 8+ years, I am working as Web Developer on different Freelancing platform… like upwork.com and freelancer.com.

When doing freelancing, I closely observe client online business and digital marketing. I find online business is very interesting… so I started my BLOG with intention to do lots of experiment about web technology and digital marketing.

Please check out my new interesting experiment with UI & UX… it is ONLINE BOOK –  “FREELANCER: THE ULTIMATE PRACTICAL GUIDE “.

I am using this BLOG to help Freelance Web Developer and other. This blog also help me to get direct clients.

10 mistakes you should avoid with your website

Few days before, one of my friend Pramod started “Insurance Business”. I advised him “You should launch your Business Website.”

As WordPress Developer, I was surprised after getting his reply “Website is not useful for Business. It is wastage of money. This is not a right way to get customers.” 

websiteOne more similar incident happened…

One of my friend, who is Company Secretary. He have 2 websites. And he also gave me same response,

“My WordPress Developer insist me to create new website. I launch my 2nd website also but still I do not get any customers online. Website is useless.”

If this is true then “Online companies like Amazon & Flipkart could not be a Billions Dollars Companies

This is my real life story when I recognize mistakes done by online entrepreneur.