Leaving Hostgator. Now, What Is Next ? Who Is Best Web Hosting ?


Now a day, why companies are giving more value to new customers rather than old and loyal customers. Is this approach really benefited? Many bloggers and expert in this field recommended Hostgator hosting services.

Currently working on my dream project, so I do not want to take any risk by selecting a wrong web hosting service. I googled for “Best Web Hosting” and more different keywords.

Many ads popups Hostgator, GoDaddy, 1and1, Justhost, Bluehost, iPage and so on.  Also, I read lots of articles about Web Hosting services.

Whom To Believe ? Everyone Is Affiliate Here

I was really curious to know “why each one gives me same references?”.  I research that blogger’s website and hosting services by using online tools like “whois” and it exposes totally different things in front of me. Those bloggers use the different hosting system but do not recommend it.

Most marketing experts and bloggers have used that system but they are not talking about that. Those same people are talking(encourage) others to buy hosting from Hostgator, GoDaddy, 1&1, Justhost, Bluehost, iPage etc but they are not using those hosting services.

After doing little research, I find each one is making money by doing affiliate with those companies. I strongly believe we should affiliate those things which we use.

Why I Left Hostgator Who Is One Of Best Hosting Service In World?

I am a loyal customer of Hostgator from last 10 years. From few months before, there are financial crises in my life. It is very hard for me to pay around $15/month for hosting.

I requested to Hostgator to reduce cost and asked me to give offer which they provide to new customers but they refused. I believe that they have rights for that.

That time I understand most of the businesses are more concern to get new customers rather than continue with old loyal customers.

It hurts and I decide to left Hostgator and shift to another hosting. There are many options like GoDaddy, 1&1, Justhost, Bluehost, iPage and so on. But, I am interested in something different. For which I have curiosity and excited and most of the heavy traffic bloggers use that but never recommended.

Now A Day,businesses Are Interested In New Customers Rather Than Old Loyal Customers

As per my above experience with Hostgator, I find most of the businesses are more interested to spend on prospect rather than old customers. Is it really nice strategy? Why are they not providing the good offer for old buddies who are loyal with those businesses for many years?

In future, when I will be a big entrepreneur;-). I will prefer to give more offers to old customers who are in trouble. Because it is more easy to keep and continue with old customers rather new one. It needs to spend less money 😀

What I Learn From Hostgator Behavior?

Hostgator teach me two lessons as a Customer:
1. Never be loyal with a big company like Hostgator who do not care about your financial situation.
2. Change your service provider frequently because a new customer you are more respectful.

Hostgator teach me two lessons as an Entrepreneur:
1. Try to be flexible and polite with your customer financial situation.
2. Give more attention and respect to old customers rather than a new prospect.

Sorry ! I Flow In Emotion And Forget To Inform You About Best Hosting

After extensive research and try to avoid lots of marketing experts, affiliates and bloggers. I found final things which are free and most of heavy traffic websites and bloggers are using that.

Following is the list of web services which are Free for a specific amount of time or giving us credit to use it for one year.

Today is 1st Feb 2018 and following web services are providing Web Hosting Free.

  • Free one year from Amazon: https://aws.amazon.com/free
  • Free one year($300 free credit) from Google: https://cloud.google.com/free
  • Free for experiment(for developers) from Heroku: https://www.heroku.com/pricing
  • Free for one year($200) from Microsoft Azure: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/free
  • Free for one year from IBM: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/pricing

As per my research,I find Amazon is best one. I registered on Amazon and started to do experiment. I hope as soon as possible I will provide you AWS review.

As per my understanding, I find Amazon Web Services(AWS) is too much complicated for the new user.

It needs to use to with that. I am trying my Best to install a web application on Amazon services.

In that time, it could be possible you are interested in this article “how to install WordPress website on Amazon Web Services(AWS) free tier”.

So What Is Next ?

This is just an experiment, I am doing with Hosting services. It could be possible somewhere I misunderstand businesses or technology.

I am really happy if I get feedback and opinion from you. This is really exciting to share our experience with others and help them.

Please feel free to share your experience as a user, developer, businessman or any other role. That will help me a lot to make myself more good for life approach.


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