MARKETING STRATEGIES: Why 95% businesses are not successful to earn money online

Few days before, one of my friend Pramod started “Insurance Business”. I advised him “You should launch your Business Website.”


I was surprised after getting his reply “Website is not useful for Business. It is wastage of money. This is not a right way to get customers.” 

One more similar incident happened…

One of my friend, who is Company Secretary. He have 2 websites. And he also gave me same response,

“I launch my 2nd website also but still I do not get any customers online. Website is useless.”

If this is true then “Online companies like Amazon & Flipkart could not be a Billions Dollars Companies

I feel, it is better to blame… who use that technology with insufficient knowledge… rather than blaming technology.

Many people unable to use Internet for their Business due to their lack of knowledge. Many people do not understand, how to use website efficiently.

Company like Amazon and Flipkart are capable to shut down millions of small businesses. They sell their products to billions of people worldwide.

If someone says, “it is not possible to get customers online” then we should agree that he is stopping his business growth.

If you also think similar as my friend then following information is only for you.


Few days before....

I met one real estate agent at his office.

I traveled by train till Dockyard Road Railway Station. Get a taxi and traveled 10 minutes more to reach his office building.

And in that complex, I reached his office by lift on 20th floor.

When sitting in his office… I was thinking, ” if his office would near by railway station then it is more easy for me to contact him.”

This situation is also similar for your business online presence. You should be present where people are wondering.

Places like Google or other search engines, Facebook or other social networks, Quora or other question answers portals etc. You should be present on those street .

"Your business should be easily accessible to customer. "

After entering agent office....

I find there are two rooms. Outside room there is a 1 bench on which we sit. In Another room he was sitting with chair and desk. Room did not have a good interior… it look very simple.

Somebody drawn pictures on the wall. It look like his kids drawn pictures on a wall. This appearance did not look professional. It was really hard for me to trust on him and his abilities.

That time I was comparing website with his office room. Most of business owner want simple website. He do not want to spend money on website design.

He is not interested to create a engaging and emotional content. Also he do not want to appoint Graphic Designer to create beautiful images and Video Editor to create engaging video.

After seeing those kind of website…

How Leads will be interested to connect with you?

At what extent website can create trust in visitors mind?

Is it possible visitors can provide you their information?

"Create a premium business website so it create your brand image"

When I sat outside room....

There was one more guy. I try to communicate with him.

I ask reason to came here. I find he was old customer of this agent.

After doing inquiry, I understand that agent help him to buy flat in less price and he was very happy for that.

After listening this 3rd party, I was little bit interested in agent and thinking that “he could help me to find my dream home.”

About virtual presence, 3rd party testimonials are playing very important role.

Testimonials would be more beneficial if those testimonials are from any famous entity or brand.

Social proofs / testimonials makes you more trustworthy

and I met the guy "the agent"....

That time I find he was very polite. He was talking very respectively.

He gave us tea. Also he was talking about our native villages and try to make connection between us.

In online presence perspective, business owner should connect with audience. He should create some emotional and engaging article or story and place it on his website.

"Customer engagement is very important for any business."

He explain things....

 He tried to educate us about many problems when we buying new flat. He also provider solutions on that issues.

I find his knowledge is great. One of the professional guy I ever seen in real estate industry.

At website side… how it is possible to gain a trust of visitors without giving them information, without giving them solution, without creating any values for them?

But still most of the website owner is not interested to create articles in their niche.

He should provide the valuable information for their visitors free of cost.

"Create values for prospective customers."

In between conversion....

He told us some past incident happen with his clients.

He talk about “how his customers was in trouble and how he rescue them.” After listening his stories I feel he is more trustworthy.

About online presence, we need to tell audience about our past work means portfolio. After seeing your past work, audience will more tends to trust and depend on us.

"Your portfolio showcase make you more trustworthy."

If you are expert in specific niche...

I saw many books which are related to laws and regulation.

In between conversion, he inform me…. 

“I am in final year of Law degree.”

My confidence on him increase tremendously after hearing those words.

This is also same in online business.

If you are expert in specific niche then prospect will more like to engage with your business.

"Authority or expertise change people perception."

Meeting with other agent....

On same day I met other agent also. I was trying to contact him but he did not pickup call.

I tried many times. It is little bit frustrating and I think “He is not a professional guy. He could not help me.”

In online many businesses do not have facility to help audience.

Sometimes audience is interested to buy your product or service.

You could loose your paying customer if you do not give attention to their queries.

"You should proactively respond to your customer queries."

saw his profile photo....

When I was calling this agent due to Android functionality, I saw his profile photo.

He looked like Hooligan. I think “he will be more troublesome than getting help.”

In online also your profile photo on social media, website etc. could be cause to loose your customer.

Your simple smile could increase ROI (return on investment) 😉

"Your online presence photo should be a look professional and be comfortable for audience."

After meeting those agent....

I was returning to home, I want to brought some cloths.

Wondering in market, there was 5 clothes store in one line but one store was with full of customers and others have 2 to 3 customers present there.

After observing I understand, the store with good amount of customers have very attractive banners outside and have good offers. Also they kept one person outside to invite customers.

About online presence, if you are on road like Google and Facebook… still your Ads and content should be different and appealing to audience.

That have power to impact on ROI (return on investment).

"Anyhow you should try to get audience attentions with your USP (unique selling point)."

Most of clients have a concept, have a dreams. They invest lacs of rupees on website and Portal and waiting for customers.

This is similar situation that somebody start a business. He buy or rent office and sitting in office 24 hours and waiting for customers.

If they want customers, they should go outside and meet people. They should help others and generate some value for others. This thing called “Marketing”.

If somebody started his own business online, he should do the same things online. When we do these online is called “Digital Marketing”.

Now a days, businesses are negative about websites and online presence.


  1. Most important reason is prejudice about website… that website is a whole package and after publish a website online. There is no need to do anything.
  2. Most of web development company do not know about Digital Marketing. They know only to develop a website and do maintenance. They are not wrong in their place because they are development companies… not a marketing expert.
  3. Business owner want to save money. They want his own website only to show the people that he have website. Website is just status symbol for today’s business.

Website is just like your office space

With one difference that anyone from world can reach your website space in fraction of time.

Wrap up...

So following are the important points if you want to expand your online presence.

  1. Your business should be easily accessible to customer.
  2. Create a premium business website so it create your brand image.
  3.  Social proofs (testimonials) makes you more trustworthy.
  4. Customer engagement is very important for any business.
  5. Create values for prospective customers.
  6. Your portfolio showcase make you more trustworthy.
  7. You should proactively respond to your customer.
  8. Your online presence photo should be a look professional.
  9. Anyhow you should try to get audience attentions with your USP (unique selling point).

If you have any more points about ….“Business should avoid online” OR “Business should do online” then please feel free to comment below.

If I like your comment… I’ll add your comment in article with your name.

If you have any queries please feel free to comment below. I’ll like to help you.

All the best for your Online Business Presence.

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