How Chatbots Can Help to Your Online Businesses and Websites

Are You A Website Owner? Your day starts with one or more conversation with your clients. You can be frustrated and can’t handle them all. So hey! what if you could have your own chatbots?

How do chatbots work? You create a conversion scenario and connect it with communication platform. Design your chatbot to accept like Pizza orders, schedule doctor appointment or whatever you need.

Simply automate your customer service, your chatbot will answer the most common questions 24X7.

If there is any case that the chatbot cannot handle, it will be smoothly passed on to you. So chill out and let chatbot do the job for you.

What Is Chatbot?

The chatbot is one of the hottest keywords in today’s world. The chatbot is a computer program. It can do communication via voice or text. These programs simulate human communication behaviour.

The main purpose of chatbots is in a dialogue system. Most times it is used for customer service or collecting information from the user.

Comparison of Chatbot with Current Customer Support System

Most businesses prefer machines rather than human being. Appointing person for a specific task is increasing troubles due to there mind and body limitation.

In case of chatbots, these are the machines, who never ask you pay for a job. They are not demanding for holidays. There are no government rules which restrict how many hours, they should work per day. There are no limitations(efficiency) on chatbot to handle a number of users at one time.

How and Where Chatbot Can Use in Businesses to Improve Its Efficiency?

Main purpose of chatbot is “information exchange without making user frustrated due to interactive and friendly nature”.
Following are industries where chatbot can use very efficiently.

  • Customer care/support:
    • – Government Agency Customer Support Bot
    • – Service Explainer and Support Bot
    • – Customer Support Bot for Small Businesses
    • – Technical Support Bot
    • – Payment and Order Tracking
    • – Blog Interaction Bot
  • Registration
  • Event:
    • – Conference Registration Chatbot
    • – Wedding Invitation Chatbot
    • – Conference/Event Feedback Chatbot
    • – Birthday Invite Chatbot
    • – Event Explainer and Promotion Chatbot
  • Finance:
    • – Bank Application Chatbot
    • – Insurance Buying and Comparison Chatbot
  • Healthcare:
    • – Medicine Ordering Chatbot
    • – Doctor Appointment Scheduling Chatbot
    • – Home Healthcare Services Chatbot
    • – Medical Test Booking Chatbot

How Chatbot Help Website Owner to Create Revenue & Save Expenses?

In any business, generate revenue and reduce expense is very essential step. Every businessman try to find out some new ideas to achieve those purpose because last business goal is to get maximum profit by providing competitive products and services.

Chatbot is very efficient, when we use it for marketing purpose. Instead of online sells representative, we can use AI chatbot who can help to increase ROI(return on investment). Who can pitch prospect and convert him/her into product buying customer.

Instead of employee, we can use chatbot for communication purpose like customer support. Chatbot can work 24X7, without salary, without vacation, handle 1000 or more customers at one time based on server efficiency  and save lots of money.

How Chatbot Help Website Visitors?

People are visiting websites to gather information or fill form for registration, newsletter to get free or discounted products or services.

1.Gather Information:
It need to give lots of time to search information on specific website. There are other tools like search or filtration. Using those result is not specific. In past, I always expect that there should be some person/entity who help me to search specific information on website which have vast content.

Chatbot are very helpful in this scenario. We can use chatbot efficiently with search and filtration widget and create tool which can extract specific information from large website.

2.Fill Different Kind of Form to provide Information:
Forms are very essential part of every websites. Everyday when we visit any websites, we face a forms in different types like Registration, Login, Newsletter, Popup etc… I always find that I was frustrate when I need to fill form. Some government or authority website have very lengthy form.

Most of time, I try to avoid filling those forms if not essential. But now I find chatbot is changing this scenario. When we interact with chatbot, we feel we are chatting with person. Also, we unable to see that lengthy forms and time move fast when we provide all the information to chatbot. It less frustrating than filling a forms.

How Chatbot Works?

Chatbot are conversational. Chatbot can easily communicate like chatting with your friend. But instead of friend some computer program is communicating with you.

Some chatbot use NLP(voice processing) and machine learning.

Many simple chatbot use text processing. It get text keyword as input and then query database for matching keywords. After that it reply with content from database with most matching keywords or similar wording pattern.

Which Technology Is Use to Create Chatbot?

As you know most of the software are made up of two parts, one is Frontend and second is Backend. Chatbot is also not a exception for that. As usual website chatbot frontend is made up of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. For backend, we can use different technologies like PHP, Node JS etc..

Most of programmer prefer Node JS, due to its single thread async structure. It can run 1000 more concurrent connections than Apache or IIS or other thread-based servers. But PHP is also work efficiently depend on simplicity of chatbot.

What Are the Internal Parts of Chatbot?

In single and simple sentense, chatbot functionality is as below.
“Get text input from user then process it using any scripting language and return appropriate response.”

Chatbot is made up of three parts. User Interface, Processing Unit and Response Unit.

1.User Interface:  Most of time website chatbot user interface is created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This is part where user can see chatbot messages and type and send messages to chatbot.

2.Processing Unit:  This unit is made up of server side scripting. Text or keyword(request) send by user are process and create appropriate response. Processing unit can be a more complicated based on its functionality.

On functionality basis chatbot is divide in two types. One is Rule based and second is AI(artificial intelligent) based. In rule base chatbot, there are predetermined options and questions within their programmed parameters.

AI based chatbot is a combination of chatbot with AI.
They can analyse based on previously provided information, process it and reply as per his AI algorithm.

Now a day, machine learning is also involve. In that bot can train itself using provided input from users and make himself more smarter.

3.Response Unit: This unit is use to send response to frontend user interface where user can interact with it.

At last chatbots in short

Chatbots are computer program. Businesses can use chatbot very efficiently with their prospect or old customers. Also, it helps to convert prospect into customers and can provide 24X7 business presences.


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