Start your own Directory Listing Website and hit the market 2018

Now a days everyone searching products or services online. I hope you too take help from Directory Listing Website. Want to know the best part about Directory Listing website?

Here’s the solution:

Now a day it is very hard to find out right product or services on right time. When we try to search online or offline for these resources, most of the time we fail or cheat with substandard product(or services). But there is rescue path which called “Directory Listing Website“.

In today’s world, it is possible for user can search or find any kind of services or products very quickly and in a selective location using Directory Listing.

For searching property,just go to magicbricks, 99acres, housing and so on. And you will find the list of properties are availble in this directory listing website  .

Are you unwell then check out practo and zocdoc directory listing which are help you to find doctor as per your need.

Do you finding grocery shop, let’s search on Just-dial and it will give you all grocery shops listing nearby you.

What is this concept?

Directory Listing website is list of information or services which are listed in different categories. It is marketplace where suppliers lists their products or services, at the same time buyers to place orders for products or services.

Directory Listing website is combination of Free and Paid services listing. Free listing is made to get traction. Paid listing is to generate revenue.

Directory Listing website shows both free and paid listing to users, so they can find useful information or product from listing.

User can filter the listings according to the distance from their location or from the place they want to know. User can search product or services by area, city, state, country, zip code.

Different modules use in this concept

Directory Listing website comes with various modules which are listed below.

You might be wondering:

– Login and Registration:
Seller and buyer can register on Directory Listing website. After registration, seller can add their products or services into directory listing. Buyer can search product or services.

– User Profile Management:
Seller and buyer can add their other information in profile like profile photo, telephone number, address, social links and so on. User can change password also.

– Search and Filtration:
User can search listing by location or zip code and keyword. User can filter listing by categories and by radius(distance from user location).

– Listing Sorting:
User can sort listing by low to high pricing, low to high rating, newest first, oldest first, most view with descending and ascending order.

– Paid Listing:
In paid listing, seller pay money for their product or service. Paid listing will display on top of the list.

For example:
On google you can see paid services or paid ads show on top of list. Paid listing make more traffic to your service or product and higher chance to buy your product.

– Google Maps:
Most of directory listing websites are integrate with Google Maps. It is available for listings. It shows seller/supplier location, drop a pin on map during the create a listings process.

– Advertising Spaces:
Directory Listing websites are offering spaces for advertisements. You can advertise your product or services by using banners, text ads and video ads. Seller can pay for advertising space to promote their product or service.

– Payment Gateways:
Directory Listing website support payment gateways. You can get paid faster and more securely. There are many types of payment gateways like Google checkout, Paypal, Strip Payment, Debit/Credit cards and so on.

Using these payment gateway, buyer can easily buy products from listing. Buyer add payment related information in payment section and pay money using gateway.

– Review and Rating
Buyer can give rating and review on purchased product. Review and rating can help buyers to choose right products. So seller can improve the quality of their products or services.

How to make money using directory listing website?

There are a number of the way to earn money from Directory Listing website.

Let’s talk about listing owner or seller, who offer the information or services on directory listing website. You can make them pay to listing product or services. Following are some important methods.

– Paid Listing:
This method is big money earner of directory listing. Seller or listing owner will pay to their listed product or services on Directory Listing website.

You can provide different pricing plans with different benefits. Create pricing plan page on your directory listing website. Be clear about why listing owner or seller should buy listing on directory listing website? how much different plan costs? what listing owner or seller will get in returns?.

Make it easy and convenient for listing owner or seller to buy listing.

For a newly created directory listing website have not a huge traffic. You can make one strategy is that to allow Free Listings to attract listing owners or sellers. You can allow them first 3 listings free or free listing for first month. Collect fees later on.

– Featured listings and Special places for listings:
Other method is Featured Listings and Special places for listings. Selecting this Featured Listings plan, listing owners or sellers can have facility to display their listing at special spots on directory listing website.

That take audience attention and more attracted to featured listing product.

– Advertisements:
You can make money from advertisement. Once you built huge traffic, then you can make your directory listing website attractive place for advertisement.

You can advertise your product or services by using banners, text ads and video ads. Seller can pay for advertising space to promote their product or service at some specific section on your directory listing website.

– Membership Fees:
Another method is collecting membership fees from listing owners or sellers. You can collect money on an annual basis or month basis. Paid listing is also similar, but it is charging for per listing. Membership fees will charge per listing owner or seller to allowing them to active on directory.

Membership fee will control listing quality. Who join membership, it will shows that listing owner more serious and reduce spammers from listing.

Who is using this Directory listing websites?

In today world, there are so many businesses using directory listing websites. In real estate industry, there are numbers of property listing websites like,, magicbrick, commonfloor and so on.

Zocdoc is one of the best Directory Listing for Doctor, to find in your area. Just-dial is also famous Directory listing for all type of services listed there.

Final Thoughts

So what are you waiting for!
Start your own Directory Listing website and hit market…!

It is very effective to make money from Directory Listing website. You will need to bring the most value for customers. There are many ways to make money from Directory Listing website.

– Paid listings
– Featured listings and special places for listings
– Advertisements
– Membership fees


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