How to create and launch a website easily : step by step guide for newbie (2019)

Many years ago, to create a website by yourself was a very frustrating. You needed to hire a Web Developer to create a website. You also needed server administrator to handle your server. And at last, you need an expert to solve website bugs.

It was really time and money consuming process. Most web development companies charge Rs.10,000+ ($150) for the average website. 

Many entrepreneurs and startups are avoiding a website due to the complexity and limited budget.

But today’s situation is completely different. Now, it is very easy to create your own website within 24 hours

Without having to learn PHP, HTML coding and without watching boring long videos.

So are you going to create a website for the first time?

 Are you tried to create a website many times but you didn’t succeed? Then you are at right place. 

In this guide, I will show you “How to create a website BY YOURSELF without paying to Web Developer”.

This guide is super easy. Still stuck in between... do not hesitate to ask help.

Prashant Nalavade
Website Designer and Developer

"So you are super busy... and you want someone to create Premium Website for you."

Prashant Nalavade
Website Designer and Developer

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Before you start the necessary things you should know

Most of the times, people start doing thing without understanding thoroughly. Due to that, they are unable to achieve their goals.

You should know some important things before creating a website which are as below:

  1. Domain name
  2. Web hosting
  3. Website platform: CMS or Framework

1. Confuse about Domain Name?

domain-name-minDomain name means your website name. It is the address of your website, people type in the browser’s URL bar and visit your website online.

Eg: https://softwaresolutioninc.com
You can see this domain name in current browser address bar.


Always keep it your domain name simple and reflect your business.

My best advice: 

Avoid the weird extensions and go with .com, .net or .org.

Like I choose softwaresolutioninc.com

2. What is web hosting?


Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and companies to post a website on the Internet. 

Websites are stored on special computers called Servers.

When users want to see your website, they need to type your website address or domain name into their browser.

Then their computer connects to your server and your website will be delivered to them through the browser.

3. Choose the right website platform

cms-frameworkThere are so many different platforms are available to create a website. Due to that it is hard to choose the right one.

You can also code your website from scratch. However, I would not suggest it on mainly 3 reasons:

  1. It simply takes too much time
  2. Your end result will be average
  3. Due to low quality coding, it is vulnerable and easy to penetrate website for Hackers. 

But which one do you have to choose?

Let’s take a look at:

How people create a website in 2018?


As you can see from the above image, the most popular website platforms are:

Around 7% websites are built it on WIX, 4% websites on Joomla, 4% websites on Squarespace, 2% websites on Weebly and 55% websites are built on WordPress platform.

Why 55% People Use WordPress to Build a Website?

WordPress is completely Free. It is the easiest platform and also flexible for everyone. From small businesses to big companies and the individual person also can use this platform to create a website.

Following big corporation use WordPress for their website.

  • BBC America
  • Star wars blog
  • Sony Music
  • MTV News
  • Microsoft News Center
  • The walt disney company

WordPress is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Popular search engines like Google and Bing tend to rank websites that use WordPress.

If you are really serious about your goal then you should consider search engine like Google. I hope you are not aware about SEO and things related to online marketing but it is very essential for serious entrepreneur or startups.

WordPress is easy to manage. WordPress is safe and secure.

On wordpress, you can create a Blog Website, Business Website and Online Store Website.

Create a website on a remote server which the world can see

1. Introduction to the Remote Server

The remote server is computers on which your website placed. Any person can access your website from anywhere in the world. 

Many companies provide you this service who will discuss this later.

2. Where do I buy a domain name and web hosting?

bluehost-buy-domain-and-hostingThere are many companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, AWS etc. All are good but I prefer Bluehost.

Because Bluehost have a similar cost and give free domain name, SSL certificate with easy setup. I recommended Bluehost for beginners.

They are one of the most famous Web Hosting providers on the market.

They are well established and secure enough to host your website.

3. How to sign up with a Bluehost?

Click here to open Bluehost website.

Step 1: Choose a website hosting plan


After opening website, click on “Get Started Now” button.


You can select the hosting plan of your choice. I recommend their “basic” option, which is a great choice for beginners. The “plus” and “prime” plans are also great, but you don’t really need all the extra features now.

Save your hard earned cash and opt for the cheapest package to start out with.

Step 2: Pick a domain name

  • If you are making a website for your business/organisation, your domain name should match your business/organisation name.
    For example:  softwaresolutioninc.com
  • If you are planning to set up a personal website, then YourName.com can be a great option.

Domain names usually end with .com, .org or .net, .int, .edu, .gov, .mil, .agency, etc…

My best advice?

Avoid the weird extensions and go with .com. People are tend to type domain with .com by default. 


If you already bought your domain name, type your domain name on “I have a domain name” box and click on “next” button.

If you do not have a domain name, type your chosen domain name in “New Domain” box and click on “next” button.

Step 3: Fill in your details

To create your account, just enter your personal information on ‘account information’ page.


You can Use Google Single Sign-On to make creating your account even easier. But if you are not interested, you need to add your first name, last name, country, street address, city, zip code, phone number and email address.

If you do not have a domain name, type your chosen domain name in “New Domain” box and click on “next” button.

Step 4: Check your package information

In package information, if you have limited budget then prefer to buy 12 month plan rather than 36 months.



In the next ‘package extras’ section, you can see the extra option is available, like SiteLock security, Codeguard Basic, SEO tools. 

If your budget is strict then better to uncheck those checkboxes. Later you can buy those services again.

Step 5: Payment information

Fill up your card details and click on submit button.


Bluehost is a trusted organization by millions of people.  Everybody is concern about their banking credential. Many prefer to pay by Paypal because it is not disclosed their payment information to any online company. They feel it more secure. 

If you are with that mindset then click on “More payment option” else you can easily pay with Credit / Debit card.


After click on “More payment option”, you will see the extra option “pay with Paypal”. If you are used to with PayPal, I hope you find it is very easy. If you are new to paypal still you will find it very easy.

Congratulations – now you’re ready to create a website!

When doing a payment, many times I face trouble. After googling, I understand that many banks do not support International Transaction. I find many bank issues different kind of Debit cards like Silver, Platinum etc.. Some kind of cards does not work for the International transaction.

If you are from India then I hope my following research will help you.

As per my knowledge, every credit card work with the International transaction. If I am wrong please give me a comment below.

1. Following bank card have support for International Transaction (international debit card): 

HDFC Bank (Platinum Chip Debit Card), ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank (Chip Card), Indian Bank (EMV MasterCard World), Standard Chartered Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, CITI Bank (EMV Chip Card). Refer to article  techrounder.com banks have international debit card article.


2. Bank has saving account with an international transaction:

As per latest post from paisabazaar, following Bank has saving account with an international transaction. SBI bank, ICICI bank, HDFC bank, IDFC bank, yes bank, DBS bank, IndusInd bank, Kotak Mahindra bank, Deutsche Bank.


3. Activate the debit card for the international transaction:

For some Bank, you need to activate the debit card for the international transaction. For more detail check article from bemoneyaware.

"Aren't you frustrated to follow given steps? Do not bother. I am here to help you. Click "Get Free Website" button and GET YOUR WEBSITE FREE."

Prashant Nalavade
Website Designer and Developer

How to install WordPress?

Before creating a website, you need to install WordPress. There are two types of installation. One is “Use one-click installation” and other is “Manual installation”.  

I mostly recommend you, use “one-click installation”. 

1. Use one-click installation

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to my.bluehost.com

Log in to your Bluehost:  https://my.bluehost.com  with username or domain and password, you will be sent to your cPanel.


On Bluehost cPanel, click on Hosting tab and look for “Website” section, click on “Install WordPress ” then you will be redirect to “Mojo Marketplace”.

Step 2: Install WordPress


On Mojo Marketplace, you can see “Install New Script” button, just click on that button.

Step 3: Choose the domain name

After clicking install WordPress, you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to enter the domain name you wish to install WordPress on.


In the above image, you can see blank text field:

  • If you leave field blank, WordPress will be installed on your root domain that you set or purchase before (e.g. yourdomain.com)
  • Then click on “Check Domain” button.
  • After that you may get a message that says “It looks like files already exist in this location”, but you can ignore this message and click on “continue” button.

Step 4: Write your WordPress login information

Once WordPress installation is done, you will redirect to your WordPress Login Credential.


You can see your Website URL, Admin URL, Username and Password. This is very important information so write down this information somewhere safe and easily accessible.

You will also receive confirmation email with all details that you entered.

That’s it and you have successfully installed WordPress. You can access website using domain name.


2. How to login in your website admin dashboard

wordpress-loginAfter successful website installation, you will need to login your website dashboard. Using dashboard, you can setup your website pages, posts and other general settings.

To access your WordPress website need to add /wp-admin to the end of domain name.

Eg:  https://yourdomainname.com/wp-admin
(replace “yourdomainname.com” with your real domain name).

Type username and password in the above form which you get and saved before.

Once you login you will view the WordPress dashboard.


"Aren't you frustrated to follow given steps? Do not bother. I am here to help you. Click "Get Free Website" button and GET YOUR WEBSITE FREE."

Prashant Nalavade
Website Designer and Developer

How to Create Pages and Posts?

Once you installed a WordPress, you are ready to start adding content. 

Let’s get started!


In your dashboard, click on ‘Pages’ option and click on ‘Add New’.


You can add title, description, images to build the page and publish it when you are done.

Congratulation! You create your first web page.

Most of the visitors expect to find certain information on your website. You want to create pages like Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products / Services and Blog. These are basic pages that every website have.

A home page is the first and main page of your website. Make sure to have the most important information on this page.

The about us page is a great place to tell about who you are, your mission, your goals. Also, tell about your business or ideas.

On contact us page, you can give your contact details like email id, your location, phone number and contact us form. So people can get in touch with you after looking at your website. You can also add Google Map on this page to show your location.

On the service or product page, you can add your services or you can sell your products.

Similar way, you can create articles using post section on left hand side.


"Aren't you frustrated to follow given steps? Do not bother. I am here to help you. Click "Get Free Website" button and GET YOUR WEBSITE FREE."

Prashant Nalavade
Website Designer and Developer

how to setup Other general setting in website?

1. Setup permalink for pages and posts

A permalink is the address used to link web page. By default, WordPress uses web URLs which have day and name. So we will need to change this setting.


On the wordpress dashboard, you will need to click on Settings -> Permalinks. Open permalinks setting page, select the option “Post name” in common settings section and click on ‘Save Changes’ button.

For example:

Default URL (day and name):  http://www.yourdomainname.com /2008/ 03/31/sample-post

Current change URL (post name):  http://www.yourdomainname.com /sample-post

2. Set home and blog page

In wordpress, there is a provision to set up Homepage and Blog page for your website.


  • Go to Settings -> Reading -> Your homepage displays.
  • Choose a ‘Static Page’ option and select your Home page in ‘Homepage’ drop-down and select ‘Blog’ page in ‘Posts page’ drop down.

3. Set menu bar for page navigation

Now, it is time to add Menu bar. This provide facility to user to navigate from one page to another. Most of the website, set important pages link on menu bar. Important pages are Home, About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Services.

Let’s setup menu bar.

Click on ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Menus’ in the sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard.


Click on ‘Create a new menu’. Give menu name like ‘Main Menu’ and click on ‘create menu’ button.


After creating menu, select pages that you want to add in menu as shown in the above image. Select pages by clicking on check-boxes (small box beside page name) and click on “Add to menu” button.

After adding pages, look for Menu Settings -> Display location, select ‘Primary Menu’ option as shown in the above image. Finally, click on ‘Save Menu’ button.

Now, you can see your new menu on your website.

4. Upload your website logo

Logo is very important feature in website because it gives you or your business an identity.

Logo is building a visual brand and you can use that logo to connect with people.

So people can know you with your Logo.


For uploading logo in website,

  • Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identityclick the Add Logo button and upload your logo image.
  • Click on the ‘Save & Publish’ button at the bottom of the Customizer.

Now you can see your logo on website.

"Aren't you frustrated to follow given steps? Do not bother. I am here to help you. Click "Get Free Website" button and GET YOUR WEBSITE FREE."

Prashant Nalavade
Website Designer and Developer

Bonus Tips: create personal email id which help in branding

Go to : https://my.bluehost.com

Make sure that you are in cpanel tab. Search for Email section and click on “Email Accounts“. 

If you find it little difficult  Please check procedure in side video and follow. It’s very easy and 2 minutes work. It also explain how to access inbox and send email. 

Like, I get prashant@softwaresolutioninc.com – way more professional than a generic Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail address.

Please follow the below steps :

Congratulations! You are ready to launch your dream website.

All the best for your online venture.  

If you get stuck using this guide, do not hesitate to contact me – I would like to help you.

Last but not least – keep improving your website.

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  1. Thank you, for giving help in creating a website. Excellent article with all information. Love the way each option is explained thoroughly.
    After surfing the Internet and reading many articles on how to create a website, I can honestly say that it is the most complete and easy to understand, for a complete beginner! Your step by step guide is comprehensive and very informative and has given me the confidence to move forward and try to set up my own website…
    I do prefer Bluehost and WordPress… A big thank you!

  2. Exactly what I am looking for. Thanks! amazing article. I will try this on my next holiday break!
    I strongly recommend new starters, to follow exactly all the steps above to get familiar with building website.
    After having some basic knowledge, you may start to learn some basic coding skills.

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