How to create a website

Are you looking to create a website? Creating a website can be a difficult. But don’t worry, you are not alone. I have decided to create complete guide for ‘How to create website step by step?’.

Choose the right platform :If you want to create a good, mobile friendly website quickly then you will need to choose a right platform or CMS (Content Management System).

There are many CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.. In recent research, WordPress is the most popular CMS. There are 55% websites created on WordPress CMS, 20% websites on Joomla and 11% websites on Drupal.


I’m recommending WordPress which id Free to use and easy to understand.

Once you have bought your domain name and setup web hosting, now it’s time to get your website up and running.

Please follow below step as it is.

A] Choosing a Theme for your website:

Once you successfully installed WordPress to your domain. You will see very clean and basic website.

That’s why you need WordPress Theme.

There are 1000 of awesome, professional design themes that you can choose.

You can type : YourWebsiteName.com/wp-admin (replace ‘YourWebsiteName’ with your domain name).

This is what WordPress dashboard looks like:


Once you on wordpress dashboard, you can access over 1500 free themes. Click on ‘Appearance’ option, then click ‘Themes’. You can see option ‘Add New’ just click on that button.

Now you can see numbers of themes, you can check preview and install theme which you like it.

Install and activate theme:

Once you like theme, just click on ‘install’ button and activate theme.

If you want you can change theme, without having to worry about losing what you have created.

B] Creat Pages and Posts:

1. How to add content and create new pages?
Once you installed theme, you are ready to start adding content. How to create a pages.

Let’s get started !

    • In your dashboard, you can see ‘Pages’ -> ‘Add New’ , click on that option.


    • You can add title, description, images to build the page and publish it when you are done.


2. Adding pages to the menu:
If you want your new page to be linked to your navigation bar,

  • Save any changes you’ve made to the page by clicking ‘Update’
  • Click ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Menus’ in the sidebar of the WordPress Dashboardcreat-new-menubar
  • Find the page you created and add it to the list by clicking the checkbox next to it and then ‘Add to Menu’.creat-menu-with-items

3. Adding and editing posts :
If you have a blog on your website, ‘Posts’ will be where you turn to next. You can use different categories to group similar posts.


If you want to add a blog to your website, you can use different categories and posts.
Let’s say you want to create a category named ‘Blog’. Simply add it to your menu and start making posts.

Here’s what you need to do:

  •  Create a new category by going to ‘Posts -> Categories’
  • Create a blog post by going to ‘Posts -> Add New’. Once you have finished writing your blog post, you need to add the right category for it.


Once you have created your category, simply add it to the menu.

C] Other Website Setting:

1. Changing your website title and tagline
In order to change the title and tagline on your website, go to ‘Settings -> General’ and fill in the form below:


2. Setting Up a Static Front Page
A static page is a page that doesn’t change. A static page will show the same content every time someone comes to the website – like a home page you have designed.

To set up a static front page:

  •  Go to Settings -> Reading
  •  Choose a static page that you have created. ‘Front Page’ denotes your home page. ‘Posts page’ is the front page of your blog.


If you don’t choose a static page on your own, WordPress will take your latest posts and start showing them on your homepage.

3. Editing sidebar
Most WordPress themes have a sidebar on the right side (in some cases it’s on the left side or both left & right sides).

To set up or edit sidebar:

  •  Go to Appearance -> Widgets in the WordPress Dashboard.
  •  You can use drag and drop to add different ‘boxes’ to your sidebar, or remove the items you don’t want.

For beginners, just drag and drop the elements you’d like in your sidebar.

D] Installing Plugins:

1. What is a plugin?
Plugins are extensions that are built to expand WordPress’ capabilities, adding features and functions to your site that don’t come as built-in.

They’re shortcuts to getting your site to do what you want to, without having to build the features from scratch.

You can use plugins to do everything from adding photo galleries and submission forms to optimizing your website and creating an online store.

2. How do I install a new Plugin?
To start installing plugins, go to ‘Plugins -> Add New’ and simply start searching.


Keep in mind that there are over 25,000 different FREE plugins, so you’ve got a LOT to choose from!

Installation is easy – once you find a plugin you like, just click ‘Install’.

Congratulations – you are ready to launch!
If you’ve followed the steps in this guide, you should now have a WordPress website! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Last but not least – keep improving your website!

Prashant Nalavade

Prashant Nalavade

I am WordPress Expert with 10+ years of experience. I am about technology and how it can help you reach your maximum potential. I produce quality work using responsive design technology to keep your website current well into the foreseeable mobile future.

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