The 5 Most Important Pages on Your NGO Website


Most visitors expect to find certain information on a nonprofit’s website. You want to make sure you provide relevant information for all the different groups of people that will check out your site:

  • Volunteers who want to get involved
  • Potential donors who would like to gather more information about you
  • Decide to make a donation
  • Even press who want to get in touch with you or cover your issue

These pages are a good place to start:

1] Home page:

The homepage is your chance to make a first impression. Make sure to have the most important information about your NGO on this page.

Ask yourself the question:

If someone didn’t know anything about my organization, what would I tell them?

Considering the fact that most visitors will spend fewer than 15 seconds on a web page before navigating away.

It’s important to include this snippet or elevator pitch high up on the homepage. Visitors should not have to dig through multiple pages to find out what your NGO actually does.

Your homepage will vary depending on the kind of organization you run. But a general rule of thumb is to give visitors a brief overview of,

  • What the organization is?
  • What it does?
  • Where it works?
  • The impact it’s made.
  • How people can get involved?

Then, you can go into more depth and provide more details on your secondary pages.

Your homepage could also show your latest news, blog posts or upcoming events.
Your homepage is also the place to show off some high-quality photographs. The right image can spark an emotion, draw people in.

Most importantly, make the people or causes you help seem more real.

If you don’t have your own photos yet, there are many stock photo websites that have great photos you can use for free.

2] About page

You have given visitors a brief overview on the homepage. Your About Page is where you can go into more depth.

The text on this page – roughly three to four paragraphs – should answer questions like:

  • What does this nonprofit do?
  • What impact does it make?
  • How long has it been around?
  • Where does it do its work?
  • What is its approach?
  • How does it differ from other organizations that work on similar issues?

For a more robust ‘About Us’ presence, consider including a drop down menu of sub-pages under ‘About’ such as ‘Mission and Values, Staff, History or Financial Information’.

You can also add video or other multimedia to your About page to bring your story to life… like pictures of your staff.

3] Our Work

On this page you might go into more depth on the problem/issue that your NGO is meant to address.

Why is it important and why should your visitors care about it?

This is also a good place to list your various programs and efforts.  This page might also be called something like ‘What We Do’.

4] Success Stories

Donors want to know that their money is going towards actual results and not just a lot of talk.

Include a page that features stories of impact or outcomes that can be attributed to your organization.

You can also consider displaying examples of impact via a photo gallery or interactive, embeddable timeline to create a more dynamic look and feel.

In addition to adding a human face to your organization, success stories will make your organization look more reputable and effective.

5] Contact Page

If you have done your job right, ideally people will want to get in touch with you after looking at your website.

Make it very clear and easy to contact you — you can do this by creating a separate Contact page.

Add a Google Map to display your location.

Bottom line:

Do share success stories that will help potential donors and volunteers, they are getting involved with a reputable, effective organization.

The right photograph can spark an emotional response that will make people want to get involved. Feature your photos in slideshows.

Navigation menus work best when they are clean, simple, and short. You don’t have to list every page of your website.

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