WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org – What Is Difference Between?

Are you also confused about what to use “wordpress.org vs wordpress.com”? Which is better for website or blog? Most of the new users facing this question.

Many years before, I was thinking to create a blog. I search many static and dynamic website solution. After doing research, I found content management system(CMS) is better choice.

After that, it was also difficult to choose right CMS from the list of best CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and so on.

After more digging,I found WordPress is better than other CMS. But still in confusion with two types of WordPress, one is WordPress.org and other is WordPress.com. WordPress.org or wordpress.com…

Before CMS, website owner used the static website to provide information worldwide. It is really painful to edit or manage content manually. It need to edit HTML files, setup FTP, set rules in .htaccess file, give keen attention to security and so on.

And at last CMS was arrived and saved the day. Content management system (CMS) is the system which is used to easily manage website or blog content like text, links, images and video.

What is wordpress.org or wordpress.com ?

Now a day, WordPress is most popular open source CMS(content management system). WordPress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online, and proudly powers millions of website.

We have WordPress in two flavours, one is easier(wordpress.com) which is fully hosted on wordpress.com domain by just following some simple steps we can create a website or blog within 5 minutes.

Other is flexible(wordpress.org) which is a self-hosted version, whose software is available for free at WordPress.org.

It needs a technical person to install WordPress software on web hosting like Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy. It needs to do configuration and database setup. A technical person can complete installation within 15 to 30 minutes.

To check how to install wordpress.com and wordpress.org websites. Please check following links or search following keywords on Google.
– How to create a website using wordpress.com?
– How to create a website using wordpress.org?


It could be little confusing to new user if he do not well aware about technical terms like storage, SEO, Google Analytics and so on.

WordPress.com have two kind of plans, one is Free and other is Paid. In paid, there are multiple plans based on storage space, facility to use numbers of themes and plugins, SEO and customer support.

Above restriction are not with wordpress.org. You are free to use any kind of theme and plugin, choose any other host with different storage capacity and powerful CPU’s. You can quick code as per your requirement, do any kind of experiment with SEO and different kind of analytics.


It is little confusing for new user to understand domain and web hosting facility. It need to get little knowledge online.

About wordpress.com, you do not need to worry about to map domain or setup website on hosting. WordPress.com have very easy interface to install new website and map domain. But, please keep in mind that wordpress.com do not provide custom domain(eg. google.com) for free plan.

It need to stick with sub domain like google.wordpress.com. You will get a facility of custom domain and more storage capacity and support as soon as you upgrade to paid plans.

About wordpress.org, you are more flexible and have more control on your website. But there is one glitch. You need to be little tech savy to handle it. You should need to study and understand technical side of hosting, domain mapping, FTP, database installation and so on.

It is not that much complicated once you used to with it. Some of hosting company like Hostgator, Bluehost etc provide one click WordPress installation. These is also a good facility for new user.


About wordpress.com, their plans are very straight forward if you know some technical terms like SEO, hard disk space and so on.
Free – Very limited.
Personal – $36 (rs 2400) per year
Premium – $99 (rs 6900) per year
Business – $299 (rs 20,000) per year

WordPress.com display cost per month but they billed yearly. It is always preferable to start with Free plan and slowly shift to costlier Paid plans as per our need.

About wordpress.org, software is a Free with no limitation. You need to do two kind of expenses. One is your time to understand web technology and other is related to domain and hosting.

Initially, you can easily buy domain around $1 per year(if offer is going on) but afterward you need to pay around $10 per year.

About hosting, there is big range for differnt plans. You can purchase shared web host plan from $3 to $8 depend on number of websites you want to setup or different facility you expect. Their are different kind of server as per your requirement like,

  • Shared hosting (low cost, low performance, useful for simple and new website).
    Virtual hosting (moderate cost,moderate performance, useful for website who need security and little heavy load).
    Dedicated server (high cost,high performance, useful for website who need high end security and very heavy load).


It need around 5 minutes to complete website installation on WordPress.com. They have very easy interface and wizard will help you to create a website. Any new user can easily create a website in few minutes.

In case of wordpress.org, it need technical person to install WordPress software on web hosting like Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy. It need to do configuration and database setup. Technical person can complete installation within 15 to 30 minutes.


In case of wordpress.com, recently they provide facility to install themes and plugins externally for costliest plan (Business plan). Lower range plan do not have facility to upload our choose themes and plugin.

In case of wordpress.org, you can use any kind of themes and plugin from WordPress repository, premium themes and plugins from different developer and your custom made script build as plugin.

It is possible to extend WordPress functionality to any kind of portal like Marketplace, Business Directory, etc with some limitation.


WordPress.com is provide you upto 3GB storage for a Free plan. For more storage, user can switch to Paid plan. Personal plan gives you 6GB storage – $36/year, Premium plan gives you 13GB storage – $99/year, Business plan gives you unlimited storage – $299/year.

In WordPress.org, user need to take web hosting from third party web hosting company like Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc. It is depend upon your web hosting company plans that how much storage you will get.

With moderate plan they will give you unlimited storage (Note: storage is unlimited but storage size use by user is control by inode count. Inode is count of files we place on host file system). Unlimited storage is a marketing strategy of hosting company to attack customer.


At wordpress.com side,user do not have worry about update and maintenance. This heavy lifting is handle by experts of WordPress.com.

At wordpress.org side, you need to be little careful. Always update wordpress core, themes and all plugins. It could be a risky if you do not update plugin and old script create a loop hole for hackers to take down a website.

It is also preferable to install security plugins like Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan, iThemes Security , All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin.

For maintenance purpose you also need to take database backup. It is very essential thing because if website is corrupt due to malware or hackers attack then it is very easy for you to regain whole website using database and application (script) backup.

In old days,it required to use database interface like phpmyadmin. It need little database related technical knowledge. But as WordPress plugin repository expanding. It provide many plugins which we can use as effective tool to take schedule backup and help us to maintain website.


As per my understanding, both platforms wordpress.com and wordpress.org are competitive. It is depend on user expectation. If you are newcomers and do not want headache then wordpress.com is preferable.

But if you are a serious, want full control of application, expecting good earning from website or blog and want to stay Internet industry for long time then my suggestion is to go with WordPress.org.


I am WordPress Expert with 10+ years of experience. I am about technology and how it can help you reach your maximum potential. I produce quality work using responsive design technology to keep your website current well into the foreseeable mobile future.

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