You want to start your website but don’t know how to do. You have  many questions but no one to answer. You might had contacted many but no one trustworthy. Some are trustworthy but don’t have enough experience. Most of people find it very frustrating to start a website. 

We are here to rescue you with our 10+ years of industry experience as Website Designer and Development. Feel free to ask any question regarding your website and online concept. Its totally FREE !   

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Prashant Nalavade

What we do... as website designer ?


Website Design and Development

Website is face of your Business. This is my responsibility to make its look and functionality premium with responsive & cross-browser by default.​


Website Customization

After achieving small success online, many client want Customize their Website to next level. we'll help you to achieve this level.


Website Security and Protection

With thousand of plugins and extension, website owner do not understand when his website got hacked. They use nulled script & provide back door for hackers. we are here to rescue you as Website Expert.


Website Maintenance

It is very easy for Hackers to hack non-maintain website. Website is slowly dying without maintenance similar as other goods. As Website Designer and Developer, our thoroughly knowledge of Web Technology keep your website intact.


Web Application Development

Want to enhance your website with functionality?? Till now, we developed 100+ web application. we are passionate about this. we enjoy this... specially WEB APPLICATION.


Website Optimization

Your website is so slow but you do not bother? But Google care about this. Google provide you FREE customers if you care about its customers... means Researcher. we are catalyst... hire us!

"We want to flourish your web presence with our expertise. We want to be a part of your success."

Prashant Nalavade

freelancer-wordpress-developer-prashant-nalavadeI have 10+ years of industry experience as Freelancer Website Designer and Developer

Please check my above Upwork and profile. On these platform, I have completed 100+ web development projects with 5-star rating. You can check 3rd party reviews & ratings on my successfully completed projects.

From last 10 years, I have completed total 1000+ web development projects online and offline

I always prefer to give commitment which I can fulfill. Due to that my most of project completed on time and my 80% customers contact me again for their next web development project. 

"I learn professionalism, communication and latest technologies in market from my USA, UK & Australian clients."

From last 8 years, I’m working with USA, UK and Australian clients as Freelancer Website Designer and Developer. I have learned lots of things from those clients. These people are real professional who trust me and awarded with their awesome projects. 

Freelancing is hard-core industry. I had completed my bachelor engineering (BE) degree from Mumbai University.

In freelancing, client never care about what is your education but they care about successful project completion.

I am proud of my freelancing profile because freelancer with highest skill and professionalism can sustain here. And I am a top-notch freelancer on those platforms.

Similar to the real life, freelancing also tested me first and then taught me a lesson.

I have to say only one thing…. “YOU DREAM IT, I’LL MAKE IT REAL IN WEB TECHNOLOGY”.

Website Design​ & Development

website-design-minNow a day, website design and website development terms use for “Website Creation Process”. But in reality, both terms are different.

Website Design:
Website design means to create a layout and visual elements which display on web page. For me as a Website Designer and Developer, it is essential to expertise in website design. I have many years of experience on Desktop Software like Paint 3D, Photoshop and illustrator.

For the simple design, I use online graphics design application like Canva. I always use retina ready images without intellectual property rights or which are without licenses.

User interface:
I always prefer to create a great interface using which user can easily navigate and understand website. I always give keen attention to very small things like an icon, colour schema, fonts and animated buttons.

User experience:

User experience plays a vital role in visitor engagement. I like to give some example. Most websites have a blog.

Most of article on websites has great content, still after scan it first time, you find there is resistance to read that. Design, look & feel of web pages should provoke visitors to read article. 

User experience is totally related to clarity, simplicity, creativity and emotional connection with a product or website.

Website customization

website-customizationDesign customization:
Technology is changing very rapidly so user expectations also. You find there are a upgradation and new versions in web technologies like CSS, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript frequently in short period.

If the client wants to utilize their UI (user interface) elements & benefits and make his website UX (user experience) best then it requires to shift on the latest version.

There is a big race (war) in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. Everybody wants to increase their share in the market. They are doing big research in UI, UX and their extensions.

Therefore, it is very essential for clients to upgrade his website with the latest technology.

Sometimes boredom is also useful. Most of the times the client get bored with his website design. They come up with great ideas that I like to implement on a website.

Functionality customization:
Some client comes with very interesting ideas. That is going to help them in business. They want to add some functionality that will help them to spread his business information, catch leads on the website, nurture them and sell his products or services.

Eg: Offers, Booking calendar, Survey form, Autoresponder, Email Automation, Social media share, display client/business location on Map, Membership facility and many more.

Website Security​

website-securityAs a technology improving, the hacker also has new software to hack websites. They are interested to get control of your website. They want to use your website as a zombie and use as their marketing channel. They want to use your website to spread their spyware or viruses.

Search engine and other online authorities are avoid spammy websites to display infront of visitors. They warn visitors about those website. 

Also, most of the browsers keep track of spammy websites. When visitors try to open your website, the browser gives warning to visitors. 

I always make my client websites hack proof. I avoid creating a website from scratch. It is a nice thing to use frameworks like Laravel and CMS (content management system) like WordPress to create a website and web application.

Now a day, this is standard protocol to use SSL (secure sockets layers) on your website. A web browser like Chrome is giving security warning if a website is without HTTPS.

You’ll find most of the websites with HTTPS (eg: initial. This technology encrypts communication between the website server and visitors. It is very hard for hackers to understand if they able to get your responses. This secure certificate is very essential for online money transaction.

I always strictly update my client websites, scripts and its module with the latest version. I scan the website frequently with security tools.

To make websites secure, I also use much more techniques like:

  • Change default admin username
  • Disable File Editing
  • Disable PHP File Execution
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Change Database Prefix of frameworks and CMS
  • Password Protect Admin and Login
  • Disable Directory Indexing and Browsing
  • Disable XML-RPC in frameworks and CMS
  • Automatically log out Idle Users
  • Add Security Questions to Website Login

Website maintenance

website-maintenance-1Many clients contact me regarding their broken layout and functionality. Some clients contact me when some others buy their domain name after expiration.

Some contacts when they see 3rd party advertisement and spam ware on their website which they do not add. Some have the issues with very slow page loading and their pages are not properly display on different browsers.

This all things are related to Maintenance issues. Many website owners are not giving importance to website maintenance. You can’t see its effects immediately but it takes prolong time to deteriorate your website performance and SEO ranking.

There are many more tasks in Website Maintenance. These tasks are a divide in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Some of the maintenance tasks are as below.

Backup your application script and database:
This is the most important tasks. Sometimes due to admin mistakes or hackers attack, your website script file and database get corrupted. That time, it helps you to save your months and years work.

Update your application for latest version:
If you are not upgrading your application to the latest version then that increase risk to get your website hacked very easily. Also, you miss the latest innovation in design and functionality.

Thoroughly review and test the entire website:

Always repair broken links still that pages do not display to visitors:
Many website owners do not give importance to broken links pages which display 404 error. It sends a bad signal to search engines like Google. That you are not serious. And your website can not provide a good user experience for his customers who search on Google.

Always give attention to forms/checkout process and buttons where visitors feed their information and interact with your website:
If you are not giving attention here. You could lose many genuine and paying customers. Because lastly, you use your website as a communication tool.

Renew your domain name and hosting plan:
It feels very bad. That after years of work on the website. You create your authority online. Some other snatch your domain name and take your all credit. Only due to you forget to renew your domain name.
Always give attention to hosting also. As per your experience, if you find any trouble with current host then feel free to shift your website to different reputed host.

Maintenance could involve following tasks also:

Updating/ Editing posts & pages, improve Page Load Time, Scan website and resolve any malicious file issue, Update plugins, Website Performance Checking, Monthly website Traffic Report, Add New Pages, Assistance with domain transfer or DNS changes, Fixing CSS Coding, Trouble Shooting Server Issue, Trouble Shooting DB Error, Keep Database Optimized

Web application development

web-application-developmentThere are two reasons for which Entrepreneurs are interested to create a web application.

First one, they want to solve their own problems. Like they want to manage customers (CRM= customer relationship management), want to manage their list of hundreds of products (Catalogue= product list), speed up their business processes (ERP= enterprise resource planning).

The second one, they want to solve others problem. Many online businesses and portals are the extensions of that. Some of the examples are Products Marketplace (Amazon, Flipkart), Business Directory (Yelp, Just Dial), Real Estate Marketplace (Zillow, and many more.

Next information is more technical. I’ll try my best to explain you in easy language.

The web application is made of two parts.

One is Frontend:
When user open website or web application in the browser. It load page with all its elements. What you see on the browser is web application frontend.

Frontend made up of web page layout and its elements like forms, buttons, sliders, page links etc. To create those visual things, web developer uses HTML and CSS.

I hope in past on web pages, you saw different effects like some forms automatically popups, display interactive google map, some objects on page blur out or new objects added on button click and many more.

These dynamic things achieve using a technology called JavaScript.

The second part is Backend:
When the user feeds information and submits any form, search and filter for products on Amazon, login and logout from any website. That time you are getting some responses from the server in form of page content or list.

To provide you with this content (list of product) or complete that tasks (login, log out) some process happens at the server side. Those parts which user can not see but it works every time. This is called Backend.

It involves server-side scripting like PHP, Python, NodeJS etc.. Which process user action on the page and send a response in form of content.

Another important thing at backend is Database which is used to store information and data which collected from users and other resources. Oracle, MySQL is one of the most popular databases used worldwide.

I like to create an application because I can utilize my extensive knowledge in this web technology. I created many directory applications like Job portal, Hotel listing portal, Doctor listing portal, Real estate property listing portal etc…

Create different kind of marketplace web application are my favorite. I created a matrimonial marketplace, product marketplace etc…

Website optimization

website-optimization-minThink about when you are opening any website and it takes more seconds than normal. Then how you feel? You find, it is little frustrating.

Once again you back to google and search for other option. In reality, that website owner lost his one customer.

If you want to convert your website visitors into leads or customers then you need to take little care about your website page load time.

Now a day, a search engine like Google is giving very much importance to website speed to increase visitors experience. I always take precaution with website speed. If a client is very serious about his business then I suggest him cloud server services like AWS.

There are many techniques using which I optimize my client website speed.

1. Use CDN ( content delivery network):
If your website is accessed from a different geological location like different countries then you need to use this technology. In this, your website is placed on many servers in different location worldwide.

When any person tries to access your website from a specific location. That time web page load on his browser from the near server. That reduce page load time.

2. Optimize image size:
Every website owner wants to make his web pages beautiful with images. But he forgets one thing that is image size. Image size is very much important in speed optimization.

It is always preferable to avoid any image which is above 150 kB in size. Image above that size make your website slower and make visitors frustrate. 

I saved the 2000 word article in a text file and I find it took 10kB size. So you understand how much web page size increase if we use multiple images with above 150 kB size.

Images are also important. It creates a pleasant interface but visitors are more interested in your knowledge and solving their issues rather than checking beautiful images.

3. Javascript and CSS files minification:
These are also important files. Which plays a very important role in layout and design and dynamic interaction. There are two techniques to reduce size.

First one, try to group all javascript files into one and also do so with all CSS files. It reduces multiple HTTP requests from browser end.

The second one, we can reduce the size of CSS and javascript file by different minification technique like Grunt.

There are many other speed optimization technique use by Website Designer and Developer like me. These are website caching, Gzip compression, database optimization, use default web font, avoid 404 error and 302 redirect and many more.

"We are one stop solution for your website. Excellent customer service is our priority. "

Prashant Nalavade

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group-of-freelancersSoftware Solution Inc is a group of the Freelancers. We are Freelancer Website Designer and Developer, Content Writer, Copywriters, Graphic Designers and Video Editors.

We provide you Premium optimized website which help you GENERATE LEADS & NURTURE THEM and CONVERT INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS.


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freelancer-wordpress-developer-prashant-nalavadeHi… I am Prashant !

Similar to other teenagers, I was also not aware about my interest in college days.

Due to that after completing my engineering in Electronics &  Telecom… I choose Software Development as my CAREER.

After working… 3 to 4 years  as Web Developer in different IT firms…. I shifted to FREELANCING due to Work Freedom.

From last 8+ years, I am working as Website Designer and Developer on different Freelancing platform… like and

When doing freelancing, I closely observe client online business and digital marketing. I find online business is very interesting… so I started my BLOG with intention to do lots of experiment about web technology and digital marketing.

Please check out my new interesting experiment with UI & UX… it is ONLINE BOOK –  “FREELANCER: THE ULTIMATE PRACTICAL GUIDE “.

I am using this BLOG to help Freelance Web Developer and other. This blog also help me to get direct clients.

We are one stop solution for your website. Excellent customer service is our priority. We always believe there is only one boss… “OUR CUSTOMERS”. Now a day, satisfied customers is not good enough anymore. We want to flourish there business or organization with our expertise. We want to be a part of their success."
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